Nvidia posts record revenue in Q3, says that a third of sales from “non-PC” market




  • iphoneee

    Does Kai come with Apple maps?

  • blackbluecherry berry

    I just realize that Google made the Nexus 4 without LTE because there is WIFI built in!
    Think about it.
    1.The Phone is unlocked so you wont have to pay the crazy data that ROBELLUS’s offers.
    2.WIND doesn’t have LTE anyways
    3.I can put on a basic plan for under $30 a month and still have all I need.

    The perfect phone for Canadians minus bbm.
    Genuis. Nexus4everyone

    • skazzers

      Are you this stupid? Almost every single LTE smartphone so far had WIFI as well.

    • Ron Mexico

      @blackbluecherry berry, are you for real?