LG Optimus L3 now available at Koodo


  • Brian

    “Rediculously”…? Come on guys, you’re better than that

    • …time to get your edge back Koodo

      You said a mouthful brother. Come on Koodo. The HTC One and Galaxy S2X were great adds and now you take 2 steps back with this one. Why not the Galaxy S3? You are no longer the only value brand out there. Time to shake it up again. Even your El Tabador commercials are losing their shine.

    • Dive

      Adjectives modify the Noun
      Adverbs modify the Verb
      “Rediculously” modifies everything!

    • Dive

      Actually the price of that phone is “rediculously”High
      That phone is worth not more than $49!

      The Optimus One from 2 yrs ago has a better screen and more RAM than that, and has support for ICS all for $69 on prepaid..if you can find it!

  • howitzer

    everytime i see things like this i always think of that guy that buys this kind of cr*p and hates it because it has no updates, is slow and lags and says its Android’s fault

    then he takes a loan to buy an iPhone off contract

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Holy crap that’s a shitty phone. You’re really getting what you pay for.

    • cheenachatze

      You’re actually getting less than what you’re paying. Public Mobile offers better phones for $80.

  • John Doe

    I would not touch it with a stick

  • BlackBerry Gangster

    Not bad. If only it shipped with ICS

  • Q

    Priced where it should be.. But even then I would rather shell out the additional few bucks and get a decent phone like the One V.

  • Dalex

    Ok I will litterally pay a friend that is thinking of getting this not to get it. It’s just going to be a horrible horrible experience.

    I love Android, but this is the epitome of crap. If you want a cheap smartphone, pick up a Lumia 710 which must be dirt cheap right now and will still run very smoothly.

  • Tayeb

    I wouldn’t buy it. I’d rather get something more decent, Galaxy S2X, or One V. They really need to upgrade their phone list.

  • Donot

    rep here. DO NOT buy this phone. DO NOT. Even if they give you the moon, DO NOT

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Even if they offer it for free. Without a contract. With a completely unlimited everything plan.

  • sky

    My parents both bought Optimus One’s last year. They didn’t mind the android ecosystem (2.2/3), but they learned to hate the phone pretty quickly. This mothers/fathers day I picked them up a cheap Nexus S and Galaxy S and put 4.1 on both of them.

    They are MUCH happier with these.

  • Leggomyeggos

    Koodo really needs to step up their phone lineup. During free phone friday two weeks ago I was able to pick up a Virgin Galaxy S II for $0 on the tab plus a $25 gift card. It wasn’t the super tab so the phone essentially costs $150. Now that was a steal!

  • jess

    garbage. you can get the ace, for zero even being an older phone that will preform and last longer then this..

  • Ken

    Or the Lumia 610 which is much smoother despite the same processor speed and such…

  • brrro

    @Leggomyeggos I wish I knew! I really just want to get a GS2 in white! That phone is a must have!

  • dj

    well,… phone that small and with low resolution and
    1500mah battery would give it longest battery life LOL
    LG optimus 2x battery is 1500mah…..

  • Nick D

    Koodo is really letting me down. I’ve been a customer for 4 years and love their plans, but their phones are crap. Their best Android phone is a year and a half old and there’s no sign of them even trying to keep up with Fido or Virhin’s plans.

    It looks like I’m either buying the LG Nexus online or leaving. Too bad, my plan is good. But I’m not replacing my Nexus S with an SII that’s barely any better.


      Virgin offers the same plans with a better phone lineup. Same network too.

    • Josh

      Yes cause dual 1.5ghz is barely better than a single 1ghz… No the phones aren’t the greatest but the S2X is still a good phone.

  • mike

    if anyone is thinking bout getting this phone, DON’T. do yourself a favor and pay an extra $150 and get the S2X you’ll be much happier. The S2X is awesome, Its even better than the cr@ppy iphone 5.

  • Pahech

    For $150 in the used market you can buy a Nexus S, which has access to Jelly Bean and is superior all around.

  • Daniel AJ

    Koodo, as the Galaxy Nexus is now end of line, please bring that one on. Half price of the new Nexus 4 or less would be correct.