Microsoft officially launches Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet


  • mrmarquis

    I hope the reviws are positive this thing is expensive.

  • TonyG

    Great! finally some For the apple Ipad

  • iphoneee

    Does it come with apple maps?

  • lukeiphone

    Heard how microsoft is risking 18 Billion $$ on this Windows 8 project. I think it would be a successful project. Lots of positive changes.

  • DonSod

    It’s gonna be a great xmas… can’t wait for mine!

  • jay

    I hope it is good for work. Office should be on board!!!

    • deltatux

      Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student Edition is included on the Microsoft Surface RT.

  • Pat

    finally! a tablet that I can work with all Microsft Office programs! 🙂

  • JC Fung

    I’m interested in the Lenovo Yoga, and also the one other Lenovo tablet with the pen that was shown during the presentation.

  • scunliffe

    I love how they convieniently omit that the RT tablets will NOT run any of your existing PC apps in the “desktop mode” because the architecture is completely new. This means if you bought WinZip, CuteFTP, AutoCAD, or any of the millions of existing off the shelf/downloadble applications for Windows you will not be able to use them on the RT device (unless the 3rd party developer takes the time, and has the interest in re-compiling the apps… and not charging you an “upgrade” fee)

    • G

      You paid for Winzip? LOL.

    • DonSod

      You will never be able to run AutoCad on the RT. Period. That is what the Pro version is for. Due in a few months. The RT version is alight version like an iPad – browse and download fart apps. But with the exception that it’s also a production tool (Office 2013 … and more).

    • Dylan D

      You say this like W8 RT is the only version of W8. The full version is released friday, and does everything you expect a computer to.

      While the Pro version of the Slate isn’t due for another few months, it also is to have the full version of W8 with some great PC attributes.

  • MapleHamwich

    What, just one article? And it doesn’t even have all of the information about Microsoft Surface? Where are the other 13 million to match the Apple iPad mini anouncement?

    • HyperB.

      Yeah i know, lol. “MobileSyrup Apple reporting on scene”. Yeah they had 4 articles on iPad mini day, yet only 1 article combining 2 actual newsworthy articles for windows 8 day.

      Although to be fair, the Surface event start at 1:30PM EST, so they will more than likely create a new story for that.

    • DonSod

      I thought Windows 8 and RT release was Friday? With Windows Phone 8 on monday?

    • Tomatoes

      To be fair, they still have to make a living and web page hits is what the boss cares about. How do you do that? Unfortunately, it involves writing a lot of stories about Apple.

      Similar to the poker shows where the chip leader gets most of the camera time, Apple gets most of the spotlight until they are not the richest company in the world.

  • BD

    Windows 8 and RT to be release midnight I believe, then phones launched Monday. Phones will be shipped 1-2 weeks after the launch I believe.

    • BD


  • Tomatoes

    12 hour battery life for the Ativ Tab 10.1? Impressive and tempting. After all the bad Surface RT reviews, it seems like it comes down to this or the Nexus 10 as my ipad 3 replacement.

    • HyperB.

      Well…considering most of the negative reviews have come from Apple iPad Nazi’s, the Surface is like running stock android on a tablet. It’ll be the best experience, and most updated product you’ll get, and from reading all the reviews, (and ignoring all the bullshit negative points made by the bullshit reviews from The Verge, etc.) basically the only downside is APPS.

      On launch day, Windows RT has 4000 Apps, and Windows 8 has around 10,000+ apps. Do reviewers think it will take that long to take to update the apps and update Windows RT to make it run faster and more efficiently? Like all the bad press about Surface is just utter BS because it doesn;t have an Apple Logo on it or has 275,000 Apps.

  • Dylan D

    I am still not really liking Windows 8 for desktop use.. it’s really not something I am fully enjoying (having it right now), for tablet / touch enabled PC’s I could see it being completely fine. But without that touch aspect it just turns into something more troublesome rather than efficient. I believe all desktop users should stick with Windows 7.

    I am however really really liking the unity of all windows products now. From windows 8, windows phone 8, and xbox, it all works together in great ways. Which I very much so like, and for that reason alone is why I’ll be ‘upgrading’ to a touch-enabled laptop later this year.

  • BD

    The surface tablet looks BOSS in my opinion, superb multitasking, magentized removable keyboard, very high quality materials. This unit looks like a seller vs Playbook, Ipad, Asus Nexus.

  • Zack

    muffin cake pumpernickle.

  • TZM

    I already have a multi-touch laptop (Lenovo W520) and running Windows 8 Pro and runs awesome. I really like it. So fast with 16GB ram, i7 and 240GB SSD.

    I am going to pick up a surface soon as my carry around for work. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Swizzlerz

    rt = media consumption… also featuring no virus support. I like… no x86 no viruses :D:D:D

    8= regular pc. I have one it will have 8. my surface rt is for sitting around watching netflix… surfing the web more comfortably on the couch as i doubt i will use my kenect to surf… lol.. but ya good job Microsoft. been using windows 8 since December..

    the day you drag a “desktop” window from the top of the screen to the bottom is the day you feel dumb. as that’s how you close rt apps. I would have liked it if they added that integration into both “ui,s”… lol

    • ile2010

      I’m excited about the Surface RT as well, but why would you sit around and watch Netflix on it when I’m sure that you have a TV set that would make the entire experience way more satisfying?

  • Alpine

    keep crying bitches