Google posts Android 4.1.2 images for a variety of Nexus devices


  • iphoneee

    I don’t see Apple maps???? why isn’t it in 3d???

    • joe

      Because Android decided to use a real mapping system. Go back to your genius bar and try and get directions out. Good luck.

  • monsterduc1000

    CM10 has already integrated this into some of its Nexus device updates =D

    I’m going to wait for SlimBean though as I found that custom rom to be the best of the 3 (others being AOKP and CM10) when it comes to JB cusomization.

    • XawenB

      SlimBean 2.7 (JB 4.1.2) already out, check their website

    • JJ

      The pic is of a phone running CM10, read the last row on the phone display…lol

  • S2556

    My Galaxy S3 has been on 4.1.2 since it was merged into AOKP!
    XDA is much better at updates haha
    task & ktoonsez ftw!

    • Rob Raymond

      When was it ported? I don’t see it in the supported devices list.

  • Beer Baron

    Got MIne yesterda…woot!

  • 45

    I assume the ROM I use (Android Revolution HD) will be updated within the next few days. Good times.

    • 45

      Hey, what do you know? It’s already been updated. Downloading it now after completing a Nandroid backup!

  • mattprime86

    Good guy Google. Bossing-out updates <3

  • Patrick

    Just updated my Nexus 7 to 4.1.2. That enable screen rotation! At last!

  • jPhoneUser

    darn forgot my usb cable in my house. now i have to wait till i get home. NO i dont have the patience to wait for an OTA 😛

  • Aaron

    Anyone know the landscape orientation in the launcher is limited to the Nexus 7, or if it works on all devices?

  • Not a bear

    Anyone know if they’re putting an update out for sojua?

  • techno

    Will this work on wind?

    • mehmeh

      If you bought the Galaxy Nexus in Canada, it’s a yajuux. So it won’t work unless you do some trickery.

  • Ben Bernanke

    I just downloaded the files and installed it on my galaxy nexus! Loving it!

  • Billy Williams

    Does anyone know how to update the bell galaxy nexus.
    I tried the method of clearing the Google framework. Then changing the date but update did not happen.

    • AndroidRootGuy

      If you haven’t move to a yakju build (search how to get there) on your galaxy nexus, then don’t expect this to show up on your phone anytime soon. You are dependent on samsung canada to send it out.

  • billywilliams

    i wish they would create a download inorder to have one version of the nexus. i dont think you should hsve to chsnge the version to get updates. This is especially true for those of us that dont have the skill or knowledge. You dont wsnt to risk bricking your phone.
    You dont expect that when you want to update your phone it is going to be complicated.

  • billywilliams

    isnt it complicated to move to the yakju build. i am just a newbie so it that could brick my phone.