Google posts Android 4.1.2 images for a variety of Nexus devices

Google has gone ahead and fulfilled its promise of providing stock images of the latest version of Android for its various Nexus devices. These are basically templates for clean versions of the software in case one, for whatever reason, has to reset his or her device after a corruption or crash.

The latest version of Android is 4.1.2. These devices include the yakju and takju versions of the Galaxy Nexus, the soju version of the Nexus S (AWS version), as well as the Nexus 7.

Unfortunately for Canadian Galaxy Nexus users, these images are not directly compatible. One would have to change his or her Nexus to a yakju from a yakjuux, which we’ve detailed in the past.

Google has also added an Android 4.0.4 image for the obscure Nexus Q media player. Attendees at this year’s Google I/O took one home, but the product was delayed indefinitely shortly thereafter, citing ‘retooling’. This will be welcome news to anyone who tinkered a little too much with their device, only to have it brick on them.

You can check out all the details, and download the images, at Google Developers.

Via: Android Authority