Nokia confirms Canadian carrier-sold Symbian devices will not receive update to Belle


  • astudent

    Some androids are hardly supported through our “beloved carriers”… so I didn’t expect them to follow through on Symbian.

    • TheRightStuff

      Nokia is doing the right thing:
      Stopping development/support for a dated OS and looking into the future: Developing W8 phones, and if they have an ounce of Brain, start releasing Android phones too.

      RIM should learn the lesson: STOP any develpment for OS 5, OS6 and OS7 and put all those developers to work on BB10 and bring them before the end of March 2013!

      Kudos to Nokia!
      Everybody loves the industrial design of Nokia, the S3 has great specs but the case is DULL in ANY COLOR.
      Nokia Running Jelly Bean in Plastic not Metal ( you can kill a cat throwing a Nokia) and they would sell by the millions. What are they waiting for??

  • Nosorry

    What a morons!Cant believe Nokia pulling this stunt!!!!

  • Teddy

    I had a faint hope for my Nokia C7 up until now. Oh well. Still a decent phone, for the time being, until I pick up a Nokia Windows phone sometime in the future.

  • Ant

    Wait so where does the email detail “lack of customer demand as a key reason”?? It sounds more like Rogers didn’t want to test/release the update…

    Can users flash an international version of the ROM?

    • NexS

      More like Nokia didn’t want to bother coding the firmware to the Rogers/Bell/Fido/Wind network, since they’re essentially locked to the network.

    • Hub

      Remember, if you bought through a carrier, Nokia’s customer isn’t you. So “lack of customer demand” is the carrier.

    • NexS

      Lack of customer demand might also consist of “not enough people bought it in Canada”, which would be accurate, Symbian hasn’t been very popular in the last few years up here.

  • Thilan

    I think you may be able to flash to a different region and get the updates. I think I remember doing something like that with my previous C7, and although that was an unlocked version, it had Hong Kong regional firmware, and I think I was able to flash it to something else. Be warned though, flashing is not a 1-click affair.

    • stylinred

      well 1 click to download; 1 click to load; 1 click to flash

  • Vengefulspirit99

    this is basically, “you want updates? ha! Keep dreaming kid. no one cares for that phone you just bought off us.”

  • NienorGT

    Why only Apple can do right updates?
    So far, no other platform have updates on release day and lot of phones never ever get an update.

    • 45

      Well, Apple only has one phone (well, maybe two or three that they update, but it’s essentially all the same with minor differences)… other companies have many phones, many models, many variations. Not as easy to upgrade all the handsets at once.

    • astudent

      Hey now! Don’t discount Windows Phone, I always got my updates within a month of the worldwide annoucement.

  • jacob

    In other words, you better learn how to use Phoenix and get a custom firmware on your phone. There are plenty available out there.

    • rchl

      You don’t even need a custom firmware, you need to change the region code on your phone to a region that suports the update and then you can upgrade to Belle. Requires some software downlod… Google it and you should be able to find it.

    • stylinred

      you dont need to change your region code just download the firmware update for unlocked canadian phones and flash your phone Bam

  • migo

    Weird that they don’t just recommend debranding your phone. More weird that Mobilesyrup doesn’t recommend it.

  • Big Ang

    Hmpf! Nokia just pulled an “Android” in Canada.

  • Tim3tripp3r

    Some what related: I think it’s hilarious that our local Walmart (Port Alberni) has a FIDO display and front and center in that display is no less……
    A Sonyericsson Vivaz Pro U8a which runs on Symbian, the first time I spied it I thought I was seeing things 🙂
    Talk about being in a time warp, don’t know how a CSR could in good conscience sell that to some poor unsuspecting customer.

  • stylinred


    Just download the firmware from Navifirm and upgrade your phone using Phoenix ITS MORE than worth it

  • b man

    Phoenix flashed my Rogers N8 to Belle no problem. Plenty of different regions to choose from.

  • STY

    When companies do this. I don’t forget. Or should I say, my wallet doesn’t forget. Nokia won’t get any more money from me for the 40 or 50 years I have left. That is my oath to them.

    • stylinred

      if you want to blame someone blame the carrier for not asking for the update

      carrier firmware updates are dependant on the carriers request

  • shaker

    great to be Canadian. wtf. Thanks Nokia.