Apple begins producing the iPad mini, says WSJ


  • superfly

    Bla Bla Bla…..boring boring boring…..Apple Apple Apple…….fart.

    • Tez

      LOL, cant believe people still buy this crap.

  • SanRuelino

    I would buy if price is below $200. But that is wishful thinking. And this would be my first ever iproduct.

    • Me Ted

      Get the Nexus 7 if you’re looking for something in that price range only better in just about every conceivable way.

  • bb

    Samsung will have released a mini tablet buy then, and bb10 will be shown to the world with crazy os and 7 inch tablet field will have some competition. I wouldn’t buy it only because apple never gets anything right on launch. by apples track record it is better to launch on a set date with lots of issues then to delay and make better.

  • J.T

    I better use apple maps to find the general 9 mile radius of where the nearest apple store is.

    • sp

      make sure you write out the right address and province cause if you dont it might send you 9 miles closest in Winnipeg..or Moose Jaw

  • J

    If they do come out with it, will be interesting to see how they answer all the “I thought you said 7″ tablets are DOA” questions.

    Doubt the media will remember that they said that.

    • EvanKr

      I’ve come to the conclusion that these days, only the tech media asks those questions. The General media (CBC, CTV, Local Paper, etc), just ask “what are the new features?”, and “when can I buy it?”. And Apple seems to be the only brand that they actually caer about, you never see them reporting on the Note 2 announcement or when the Surface was revealed. The only other company that the (Canadian) press pays attention to is RIM, and all they do is bash them.

      That’s why when I’m sharing the latest release of something with my friends, I always send them a link to a site like MobileSyrup, Engadget, The Verge, etc, that’s not biased.

  • Harris

    Talk about milking iOS.

    Oh by the way Developers, make us an app for 3.5″, 4.0″, 9.7″ and our latest… 7.85″ !


    Yours Truly Apple Douche

  • anonymous

    Another lawsuit coming?

  • Slype

    Here comes the next Apple “Metoo!” product. The magic is gone from the company and every product they put out is in response to the competition and in direct contradiction to their previous statements :

    never need a tablet smaller than 10″,
    3.5″ screen are optimal for users,
    LTE is too new of a technology,
    NFC is irrelevant,
    wireless charing confuses our customers,

    The first three statements have already been proven wrong and I believe they will eat their shorts over the last 2 soon enough. They simply cannot accept that they are behind the times and that their closed competition model is doomed for failure in the long run.

  • ruddias

    I just wish it wasn’t a 4:3 aspect ratio. That’s the worst for watching videos.

  • JP

    WHY? WHY? WHY???? Stop your crazy innovations that will ultimately lead to another patent war!!!

  • BB King

    Seriously who cares! Apple this, Apple that, Apples is already on their decent into the basement where they belong!

  • Me Ted

    I’m confused. The iPod touch has been around forever. Why is this news?

  • DrBadass

    Will it blend?

  • some guy

    I’d like Apple to fix their current product first please?… My buddy has swapped his iPhone 5 3 times already due to s**t build quality.
    I told him to wait a few months before buying, but live and learn.

  • imrangr1

    This change everything again. A revolutionary device which is going to play catch up to Nexus 7, Kindle fire, Playbook etc. Right now the newest generation of iPod touch 4″ cost $299.99 USD and above. The 7″ has to be sold over that price so at least $349.99. And it expects to compete with $199.99 products offering similar things? Well the sheeps will still buy the over priced iPod Large I mean iPad mini.