Apple begins producing the iPad mini, says WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has started mass producing “a new tablet computer smaller than the current iPad.” It’s heavily rumoured for months now that Apple will be launching the “iPad mini” and have it come with a display sized 7.85-inches – this is to compete agains all the other smaller tablets on the market, such as the Nexus 7, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Tab, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The report also suggested that the liquid-crystal display with have a lower resolution to the new iPad, but probably have something similar to the iPad or the iPad 2. The manufacturers are apparently LG Display and AU Optronics out of Taiwan and they started to produce the display last month.

Apple is also rumoured to be holding a media event on October 17th, then make the iPad mini available November 2nd. Pictures have surfaced that show the tablet coming in black and white. No word yet on price points.

Would you buy?

Source: WSJ
Via: PhoneArena