HTC Windows Phone 8X promo shows off Skype, Beats Audio integration, more (video)


  • John Marshall

    Y’know, with the Lumia 820’s carrier support and release date completely in the dark, and ultimately pretty pessimistic, the HTC 8X looks fairly appealing. I’m still keeping a very close eye on the new Lumias, though.

  • Corks

    Windows phones like this is what keeps tempting me to leave android… ahh decisions decisions

    • decoi

      I agree with you @Corks. I’m already in the ‘Live’ eco-system with Zune/Xbox music and Xbox Live.

      But in the overall if I switch or not, I enjoy the choices Windows and Android phones offer!

  • iphoneee

    windo..?????? that doesn’t sound anything like apple.

  • Miknitro

    I think I could rock a 8x along side my OneX quite easily.
    Its growing on me.

  • Braumin

    I have to see some real reviews, but if TELUS doesn’t offer the Lumia 920, I would not be that sad to get the 8X. Looks like a really nice phone.

    I just need to see how the cameras compare. The camera is likely the most important thing to me.

  • hmmmm

    LOL That’s not an example of a low light situation, there’s a big campfire in front of them!

    But it still looks nice. But Nokia wins.

  • tom

    I cant describe how angry it makes me that HTC ruined this stunning phone by putting in a pathetic 16gb thus making it useless as a music phone the one thing it had nokia beat on. Its left then being nothing but a sub par nokia rip off. If they had made it 32 or even better 64gb then they would of made a fortune.

    I am here and now calling on HTC to sake the person who said 16gb would be a good size for its memory. If that person still has a job then it show just how in the cupboard HTC are.

    • Crocography

      @Tom: Agreed. Why they destroyed the potential of this phone is beyond me.

  • kayn

    This new run of WP devices from HTC and Nokia sound pretty tempting, even though I’m already immersed in the Android ecosystem. The one major issue I have is an aesthetic one in that I find it truly unattractive to have the matte, coloured, polycarbonate body and the glossy black face visually opposing one another.

    • freestaterocker

      The colored Nokia devices are glossy… Problem solved!

  • Geoff

    I’ve been a huge fan of HTC, but I find it hard to look away from the Nokia 920 this time.

    Realistically, I’m still not entirely convinced that any of them can pull me away from Android. However, from what I’ve seen it’s certainly tempting.

  • daguy

    Pretty certain my next phone will be the newest Nexus device, but Windows Phone really intreages me. I just need to see some app parity, a better multitasking system, and more support for some Google services before I make the switch.

    I just can’t imagine a world without Google Maps and Gmail anymore!

    • freestaterocker

      WP7/7.5 already support both services. Google Maps through an app called GMaps, and Gmail with the built-in email service. I tried out GMaps for a while when I first got my HD7, and it seemed pretty great. I only got rid of it because it wasn’t any better for my area than Bing Maps which was built in. However my primary email account is a Gmail one, and the email,contacts, and calendar all sync and function flawlessly. Unless you use Google + there’s absolutely no reason to be concerned on this matter.

  • blackkey

    Im glad you android guys are taking WP seriously. If you do, then so will the OEM’s and that means better phones, features, and prices for all of us.

    • Haythem

      I’m an Android guy and I am rooting for Windows Phone to succeed because I feel we need a proper competitor to Android and not to mention another OS to dethrone the iPhone for the #2 spot.

      I prefer Android but I also like Windows and I want to see iPhones and iPads fall into obscurity like Macs during the Mac vs PC wars.

      Don’t screw this up, Microsoft!

  • John

    Sprint dropped the ball by not offering a Windows 8 Phone. And now with T-Mobile offering an unlimited plan and this high-quality phone, I’ll be a T-Mobile customer come November.

  • rahul

    Looks cool. But I still looking for Lumia 920

  • Awkward Turtle

    Windows phone is like that really hot chick who you’re really interested to know more about, but at the same time you are married quite happily to the droid.

  • Brain

    will skype work on the bb10?

  • Joseph

    All the new announcements are great, but we still don’t know what carriers will be carrying the new phones. I’m still waiting on what will be supported on Wind/Mobilicity.

  • mrdeeds72

    If the Nokia 920 isn’t available on Telus or Bell, they will have failed in Canada.