iPhone 5 has best smartphone display on the market, says DisplayMate


  • Alex

    I second that.

    • SuperAMOLED

      Super AMOLED plus HD is the “Plasma” of screens:
      Blacks are Black, and when they show a black on screen they use Exactly ZERO Watts, as long as they are RGB (SG3) and not Pentile (Galaxy Nexus)

      There is no way the LCD of the i5 is better; their DPI might be higher, that’ all.

      I found the article a bit biased: They mentioned the oversaturation of the SG3, but they ommit the amazing Contrast (blacks) and the low battery consumption, that put the i5 in the dust.

    • derp

      SuperAMOLED | September 24, 2012, 8:32 pm
      you might be able to debate that point if the GS3 wasn’t also pentile…

    • Chief

      GTFO sheep

    • IBL

      oh noes!!! The fantards are all going to get butt hurt. Professional optics scientists prove iPhone’s display is better, but these re-tards think they know better. Professional reviewers prove iPhone is the fastest phone on the market, but these morons think they know better (and anyone bringing up only the scammed geekbench scores, go to the corner, you are too dumb to breathe.

      Get over it. Your phone sucks. Get some PreperationH if your bum hurts so much.

  • Matt Kim

    I don’t really care about the colors or anything related to it. I personally care about the size of the phone. Simple as that….

    • Sunny

      Let me get this straight, the iphone 5 has the best build quality, the best display, the fastest processor out there…. and it still sucks?

    • Plan Shopper

      Sunny, you have to watch those typos.

      I know you meant to put a “!” instead of a “?”.

    • Tomatoes


      It doesn’t have any of those and yes it sucks.

  • Shayan

    the way I see it, the Samsung appears to have a much better contrast display than Apple. However, I do see markings on the Samsung, so it’s hard to determine the better graphic display.

    • Tom

      Actually, I’m willing to believe that the iPhone has the best dislay.

      After all, isn’t this just the usual leap-frog game that we see? GS3 & One X had the best displays. Now iPhone comes out with something new and beats them. Then Lumia 920 will be best, and a few months later a new Android will take the crown.

      If you always needed to have the best display you would go broke fast.

  • cdub

    So they compare it to one phone and call it the best?

    HTC One X Anyone?

  • TheMoreYouKnow!

    As long as I can learn the dance moves to Gangnam Style I don’t really care who has the best screen.

    • sp

      Oppa Gangnam Style!!!!!!!

      EHHHHHHHHHHH SEXY LADY!!!!!!!!! lol… best song ever i swear..

  • Phil

    Wait till the lumia 920 comes out, it’ll kick the iPhone 5 to the curb in regards to specs

  • wewewi

    Who cares ’bout that?

    Youre still stuck with the same iOS minus Google Maps..

  • Rip rim

    Rip rim

  • Miknitro

    My OneX has an issue with bs!

    On Apple forums, their upset as Apple turned the temp down and whites look buttery yellow when viewing whites in a dark room or comparing it the 4s even which had a higher temp

    It’s not only small, it’s ok at best seeing as they had a year to make it.

    Tis another Apple hood wink on their users.

  • Ern More

    I’m guessing DisplayMate are apple lovers. When apple comes out with iPhone 12 they should be about the size of an Slll, then I will get one.

    • Brad F

      By the time the iPhone 12 is out Samsung’s Galaxy line will be the size of a small car.

  • KM

    It will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the Lumia 920. Nokia has been touting its screen which is supposed to have very low reflectance and automatically bumps up contrast in bright situations.

  • KM

    Well… as awesome as the 920 sounds, it’s still another month before it’s out. So, technically, it’s true that the iPhone has the best display in the market today. But we’ll see what happens in a month or two. 🙂

  • Apple Sales Guy

    We da best


    • Darth Paton

      you use to put effort into your trolling… what happened? Did Apple can you or something?

  • VAN

    Did they check out the blacks on the iPhone 5 screen? Very dissapointing. Not true black at all.

  • Kozbit

    Apple retina? Stop making me laugh. It’s LG ips lcd display.

  • Bob

    DisplayMate completely discredited themselves when they said that the iPhone 5 had the best contrast they ever saw. You can’t beat AMOLED for contrast.

    • Darth Paton

      Thats what I was thinking! How do you beat unlimited contrast levels?

  • Ron Mexico

    You mean Apple lied about having the most advanced display? Say it ain’t so!

    Great read there, thanks for the link 🙂

  • qwertyy

    Potato potato. Its a screen folks.

  • Me

    Apple Sales Guy – “We da best”? seriously? So you think not typing a full sentence is “cool”? No wonder you, like lots of other morons, think apple products are cool! Bunch of immature isheeps!

    • OgtheDim

      “Apple Sales Guy – “We da best”? seriously? So you think not typing a full sentence is “cool”?”


      Google it

  • Acco

    Honestly, as long as colour reproduction is okay, I don’t really care about the specifics. I think the display on my Galaxy Nexus is perfectly fine and is leaps and bounds better than the one on a Nexus S.

  • purr

    Don’t even see how this was up for debate. Amoled will always be a better display. LCD is technology from 8 years ago. Why do you think OLED tv’s are already being touted as the best display in the world? And they’re not even available yet to the average joe. An LCD will never be able to compete with an OLED’s contrast

  • jonny

    I wonder how much Apple paid them for their review.

    I saw some review sites that compared the S3 and iphone5 cameras and the pictures taken for the S3 looked way better, more detail, yet they said the picture from the iphone5 was superior.

  • Paulman Chan

    DisplayMate didn’t say it had the best smartphone display on the market. All I could find in the article was “it’s not perfect and there is plenty of room for improvements (and competitors) but it’s the best Smartphone display we have tested to date.” (emphasis added)

  • Brettwpg

    That’s strange. I find in side by side same video, etc. the Galaxy SIII has a much more appealing and usable display. It also visually has better contrast.

  • Ron Mexico

    Sorry, who is DisplayMate anyway? Why should I care what they think?

    • Impartial

      Actually in terms of display technology and calibration, there are few who no more than DisplayMate. Just because you don’t know who they are, doesn’t mean they’re opinion is any less valid.

  • JP

    I object!

    • Porilaisten


  • canadarocks

    False false false false false 🙂 there are any number of comparable displays not featured here. I smell bias

  • James

    I believe this test have shown favoritism toward iphone in many areas over any kind of smartphones why ?? This test or any surveys picked Apple over most phones and will likely convince people to buy iphone instead rather than android phones such as Galaxy 3.

  • Liam

    My galaxy nexus’ Super Amoled display did have a green saturation problem, however I was able to manually calibrate my screen with settings in CyanogenMod 10, and now the whites are white and the blues are still blue.

  • Lopety

    Calm down fandroids, it’s only a phone. And whoever keeps comparing everything to the lumia 920, stfu! The phones not even released with no definit release date! WP fanboys may just be the worst thing to hit the tech news sites since… The 920 video crew was spotted shooting the video to their supposed super phone.

  • Brad F

    Only one of these displays is currently available for purchase. If someone is buying a device *today*, the iPhone’s is the best.

  • Rolonoa

    And the iPhone 12 will be the size of a meter stick.

  • koko

    How can the iPhone have the best display?.. Apple is the worst company ever.

  • Tomatoes

    It is a shame that they screwed all that up by making it so deformed. LOL

    1136 x 640? That is disgusting. 960 x 640 is okay and not tha lopsided but the iphone 5 is pretty bad.

    • derp

      1280:720 – ~1.778
      1136:640 – 1.775, a LOWER aspect ratio.
      What a derp.

  • Crankshaft67

    Rigged test.

  • Chewie

    Okay so… Lg has the best display good for them since they are the one making it ….IPS=Retina

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Correction, I meant to say “weed da best”

  • ExcessDan

    shame about that tiny screen. i don’t notice colour problems on my S3 so I don’t really care. i would care if i had to go back to anything smaller than the 4.8″ screen, especially something as small as 4″

  • mrdeeds72

    The is one of the worst shootouts I’ve ever seen. Essentially comparing 2 phones and ignoring currently some of the best spec’d displays on the market? Bollocks!

  • John

    My balls hurt.

  • migo

    They had better re-do the test when the Lumia 920 comes out.

  • Lamedroid

    LOL another win for iPhone