uTorrent comes to Android in beta form, begs us to be honest

uTorrent, the once-tiny and now owned-by-BitTorrent desktop client, has made its first foray into the mobile world with a beta Android app. Like its desktop brethren, uTorrent for Android will associate itself with .torrent files from around the web and automatically begin downloading them onto your mobile device.

The app supports Android 2.1 and higher and thankfully has RSS support built in, you so can follow your favourite tracker and add queue up files as they come in. Fans of Phish’s infamous bootleg series will be very happy with that news. Obviously, because BitTorrent enables but discourages illegal file sharing, the official app description does not mention anything nefarious. Torrenting is used for many legal purposes, one of which is download custom Android ROMs from CyanogenMOD.

Obviously larger torrents are going to be hard on your limited mobile bandwidth, but the app supports WiFi downloading in the background. This is one clear advantage of Android over iOS, as an app like this would likely never be approved by Apple.

Download uTorrent beta for Android.

Via: Engadget