Will Apple’s court win affect your decision to buy Android in the future?


  • Ron

    I’m going for BB10 anyways…

    • Sam

      I have owned Blackberry in past and use Android now, also never had apple stuff so, i will prefer going back to blackberry more than getting apple product.

  • Ok

    Well, I’ll never buy another Apple product again. They’re hypocrites and I want nothing to do with them.

    • DerekJ

      I agree with you. If anything, I’m going to be trading in my BlackBerry for a nice Android next year. Any interest I had to buy an iPad or iPhone is now gone, and I won’t buy another iPod. Apple really needs to get their stuff together. This lawsuit really has turned me away from Apple.

    • John Marshall

      Sounds like you made your decision about it well before now.

    • Bobblehead

      Exactly how I feel about Android users. They’re like the Tea Party, turning what device you use into some polarizing declaration of values. It’s absurd and I want nothing to do with them. I never see Apple users incessantly whining about everything-Android, but I do see Android users moaning about everything-Apple, regardless if it affects them.

    • John Marshall

      And here I was just wondering if we bicker about Android because we don’t have such bipartisan politics here like they do in the States. Go figure.

    • Tom

      Frankly, I was getting a little annoyed at Samsung due to lack of Nexus updates in Canada, and I do think some of their phones look to much like the iPhone (they would look better if they didn’t).

      But this whole episode reminded me of one of the reasons I don’t like Apple…

    • Toby

      It has definitley affected my choice, to not buy apple. One thing i had always thought about apple is that they did produce a nicely integrated product and they were in touch with what their market wanted….. but i am finding that it even goes further, it includes their sense of entitlement.

      They deserve the buckloads of money they make off the products they produce, they are good products, but they do not deserve an artifical monopoly. I hope the appeal courts fix the error by the jury

    • SAM

      FROM SAMMIE!!!!

  • Hub

    No. But when we see that all the infringements are on the crapping out of Android by Samsung, it actually confirms what I have been saying: vendor changes to Android are a nuisance. For Samsung it is close to 1B$.

    (fair or not)

  • Nightcrawler

    LOL. Honestly, Android can sue iOS for a lot of features that Apple copied too. I agree that Apple has started some innovation, but then they stopped there. Android is moving forward with its innovation these days and Apple is just simply trying to catch up.

    • Derek

      Actually, I’m pretty sure Google can’t. That’s the whole idea of AOSP being open sourced under the Apache license.

  • jc


  • Cool

    Yea! Now buying Android is a no brainer! Its a must do thing. Apple is scared of Samsung’s success so there much a reason.

  • Sid

    I won’t buy any Apple product from now on, until the end of time…

  • John Marshall

    Not really. Android already annoys the hell out of me, and this court decision just makes the alternatives even more viable than before. I’m probably going to go with Windows Phone 8 when it comes out; while the giants are fighting each other, it’s getting down to business.

  • Steve Rodrigue

    No. Not at all. If the product is on the shelves, I’ll consider it.

  • Ted

    It makes me want to buy android even more…I’ll never buy an apple product again.

    • John Marshall

      Again? It doesn’t sound like you’ve bought one ever.

  • jonny

    Yes. I will never give Apple another cent of my money ever again. I will buy Nexus only devices, preferrably Samsung.

    • John Marshall

      Then watch Motorola make all the new Nexus devices.

  • HO

    Yes, I will buy Android with more peace of mind and more reason than before.

  • AppleCanGoDie

    NOPE ^_^

  • gjeff12


  • Jayden J

    I will Always be more inclined to buy an android powered phone. I believe there was no way the U.S. court system would let a foreign company win versus an American Multibillion corporation that helps drive their economy. Apple had home court advantage

  • Dane

    I will not hesitate to buy another android phone again.

  • shiftastic

    Of course not. I always have and always will buy Android.

  • Jay

    yeah!!! It’ll force me into buying another droid. How bad could a product possibly be that they need to use “different methods” to atract media attention….. What a honk of crap an I-SUCK is!

  • Nick

    I used to be a supporter of Apple but I do not now. Never owned an Apple, I hate itunes. I’ll stick with Android, it does what I want, when I want and how I want.

  • zzZZzz

    No, it will not change my decision to buy Android down the line. I just actually finished installing and customizing a new ROM for my phone and I love it…

    To be honest, Apple might go after other companies like HTC and such, and they probably will win. I say, stop selling your phones in USA …the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be much on Apple’s side in this patents war. Let Americans be forced to buy only Apple and see how that unfolds. Sure, USA is a big market, but at the end of the day Canada and other countries will continue to buy Apple.

    In my circle of friends, I already have a bunch of people who got tired of iPhones, and that was even before the trial. The Galaxy S3 has been out of stock at my store for a few weeks now and people continue to ask for it.

    Finally, I’m just curious to see Moto vs Apple : that should be fun.

  • craig

    Who’s the i***t that presided over this court case … because I would like to slap him.

    Who’s the i***t that wrote this article? I would like to slap him too.

  • mark

    android all the way!!!FTW!

  • Peter

    Nope. If anything all this litigation has strengthened my resolve to not buy from or support Apple if I can at all help it. My last 3 phones have been Android and my future ones will be as well.

  • HO

    Yes, I will buy Android with more peace of mind and more reasons than before.

  • zzZZzz

    *continue to buy Android* Hate that I can’t edit

  • John Marshall

    “Bah, I’ll never buy another CRAPPLE product again! All these people drinking the Kool-Aid, they’re just sheep trying to look cool! I’m going to do the exact opposite by ONLY BUYING ANDROID!!! I can’t think of anything less cool than that!”

  • AllanVS

    I just got the SGS3.
    I’m going to probably buy a new Samsung 27″ monitor in September.
    Next year, I’ll buy a new Samsung Laptop, when my Asus gets ‘long in the teeth’.

    @craig – it was “Judge” Lucy H. Koh, who presided. I’ve said before, that Obama or US Supreme should check her back accounts and stock portfolio. I’m almost positive she owns a lot of shares in Apple, or was/will be paid by them.
    As for the write of this article? Daniel is his name, and I find a LOT of the articles he writes are Apple biased. I get the general feeling he prefers Apple over Android.

    • John Marshall

      Erm… judges aren’t allowed to interfere with the decisions of the jury. It wouldn’t matter if Judge Lucy Koh was Tim Cook’s cousin, she wasn’t the one that decided the verdict.

      Maybe check if all twelve members of the jury had Apple stock, I guess… 😛

    • d3v14n7

      John Marshall

      She threw out key evidence from Samsung proving prior art, which would have turned the case around, she threw out a member of the jury who owned Google stocks while another member of the jury who owned Apple stock was allowed to stay… Judge Koh used to work for the same firm Apple has been using for decades, she has presided over 19+ cases involving Apple, and her husband (a lwyer and professor) is also affiliated with Apple in some way (although that isn’t very clear)… She is just as guilty as the rigged jury, no jury could go through over 700 instructions, and actually understand them in just under 21 hours, it would take patent experts DAYS to reach a verdict, these numbnuts did it overnight.

    • Glitch

      Who cares who he likes?! If it was tilted more towards Android I seriously doubt you would even mention it! Christ, zealots, all of you.

  • Josh

    I never liked Samsung in the first place!

  • androidfanmuch?

    ask a dominant android forum will they buy android in the future? funny…

  • groy999

    Even if the last smartphone on earth would be the iphone I wouldnt touch it! I’d rather live without technology than buying/owning an apple product.

  • Joey

    Apple is dead to me.

  • freestaterocker

    I’m loyal to WP, but if I was planning to buy an android this certainly wouldn’t affect my decision. The Ativ S actually looks decent though…

  • JSKershaw

    People should get this straight… The court case was Apple vs Samsung NOT Apple vs Android.

    The case was mainly targeted towards Samsung’s Touchwiz interface! And the look of 1st Gen Samsung phones and tablets.

    • sickpuppy

      Wow , an educated comment . Amazing

    • John Marshall

      What an uncanny sight. Why isn’t he pelting Apple with rocks and performing sacrifices to his Android idol?

    • Tomatoes

      Can’t be an educated comment if he is wrong. Yes, it included looks and everything under the sun Apple could possibly claim, but what did the damage was the patents, which are more Android than Samsung.

  • skullan

    It’s certainly helped me make a decision not to buy another Apple product again.

    Android, I will buy…

    Windows Phone and Blackberries have just been elevated above Apple to me as well.

  • Danny

    You could ban Android in Canada………I wouldn’t find a way to get it……over my dead body will apple prevent me from grabbing a Droid!…… I never have and never will buy a crapple product!

    • Hal

      For those outside of the USA, this case really means nothing in regards to Apple’s ability to block Samsung products in countries outside the US. Patent cases are specific to country’s and any country outside the US would not be bound by a court’s decision in the US. US buyers could very easily buy the product from a Canadian reseller.

  • stephen

    No, i was a big iphone fans i brought every iphone since the orignal. Now i will not buy an iPhone again, apple is stifling innovation

    • John Marshall

      Stifling innovation by… not letting other companies rip them off. Okay.

  • Max

    This written on my new Samsung S III. I think Apple and Samsung (and likewise companies) should focus on the consumer rather than each other. If Apple was still holding most of the market share, do you think they would have cared about Samsung?

  • John Marshall

    You guys are all trading one bloated, lumbering tech giant for another bloated, lumbering tech giant that’s also fragmented all to hell. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

    Is this what we have in Canada instead of getting really crazy about bipartisan politics, like in the States? We bicker about mobile phones?

  • Bender

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    oh wait. you’re serrious. let me laugh even harder


  • Justin Credible

    I’d like to get all the money I ever gave Apple back ASAP, and I certainly will never buy an Apple product again.

  • Eluder

    Totally, I’m now officially boycotting Apple.
    Sick of their anti competitive, bullying attitude.
    I’ve been using Android for years, so I had no plans to get an iPhone or iPad since IMHO they do less than any good Android device, however, I was considering an iPod touch to replace my now aging iPod video. That decision is now a no, and I will not be giving Apple any more of my hard earned cash.

  • John Marshall

    Android is annoying. This reaction from the Android community isn’t helping.

  • sickpuppy

    Got a new name for this website : Modroidsyrup

    • John Marshall



    phuk apple

    • John Marshall

      Did the autocorrect on your Android phone crap itself again?

    • shadyguy

      That made my day.

  • Tom Zolnierczyk

    Hello yeah! I am going to buy Android devices exclusively to support the growth of community not the growth of biggest patent bully on the planet! Thank you Apple for making my decision easier by showing what you capable of during Samsung trial 🙂

    • John Marshall

      You’ll buy Android to avoid supporting Microsoft? That’s a little strange…

    • Geoff

      I know you’re trying to be clever, but why exactly is buying Android a strange concept for someone wanting to avoid Microsoft? Buying Nokia to avoid Microsoft would be strange. But Google and Microsoft compete directly in a lot of different spaces, including cell phones.

  • Netguru

    I just bought my wife a Nexus 7 for her birthday. She loves it.

    As for the verdict, Samsung stands a good chance of having it thrown out on appeal. In this trial, the patents themselves were not in dispute, just whether or not these patents were infringed. However in the coming appeal, the court will be asked to decide on the validity of those patents. If some or all of those patents get invalidated, the verdict will be overturned.

  • EmperumanV

    Of course not.

  • Ray

    I’ve never liked Apple and their big brother policies. This court case cements my decision even more to never buy an Apple product. If you can’t compete don’t bring everyone down to your level.

    • John Marshall

      If Apple “couldn’t compete”, their iThings wouldn’t have changed the tech landscape to begin with. They “couldn’t compete” in the mid-90s, they certainly didn’t try to fix it by suing everyone.

  • John Marshall

    I don’t know about you, but this whole debacle is making bada look pretty attractive…

  • Ariella

    I was already in transition away from Apple, but it made me giggle that I bought a Galaxy S3 on the day of the ruling. 🙂 Loving this phone!

  • Mark

    Android all the way. It is open source, can anyone really stop it? It will become ubiquitous. I just bought an android mini PC for 50 dollars. It has HDMI out and 2 USB inputs and the size if a USB stick. A 50 dollar computer! No amount of litigation can stop it and that is the strategy.

    • John Marshall

      Yeah, just like how Ubuntu is the most widespread OS in the wor–oh, wait…

  • TZM

    I will never give Apple another cent of my money either. I would rather purchase a dumb phone then get sucked into their corporate ideals and thinking.

  • John Marshall

    People would rather not support a successful company that’s a little litigation-crazy and would rather use an OS that thinks it’s entitled to know all their data to make it “easier to use”. I’m glad we’ve got our priorities as a consumer culture all straightened out here.

    I’m looking forward to September 12th around here.

  • Brandon

    no, I will now only buy android devices preferably nexus.

  • Derp

    Nope… and to the iOS derps, please, learn to use the phone properly before saying it’s not user-friendly. LOL at this John Marshall, did u suck Job’s dlck?

    • John Marshall

      Yes, because that’s the only reason I’m not sucking Larry Page’s dick. It’s not because my HTC One S is irritating to use in its every slightest aspect and I regret swapping my Nokia Lumia 800 for it. At least its Facebook app didn’t crash every eight seconds. Our preference in tech always stems from whose pubes we would rather be picking out of our teeth.

      This article was probably written for a bet to see how much troll-baiting they could put in one news item.

  • Gareth

    I have owned 3 iPhones (3G,4 & 4S) and I switched to the Galaxy SIII 2 months ago. iOS has become stale and boring after all these years and had been surpassed by Android (I was running iOS 6 beta 2 at the time and see nothing compelling coming down the pipeline). I am much happier to no longer be in “the walled garden”. I had really grown tired of the stifling control that iOS uses to lock-in it’s consumers. None of these opinions are related to the court case.

  • nik


    • John Marshall

      KLEENEX !

  • Vineet

    Not at all who cares what apple is doing….I m and will buy Android for sure

  • Jeremy

    I’m an iOS developer, and though it’s like taking candy from a baby, I now can’t bring myself to continue. I started playing with some Android development recently and this court case and decision has convinced me to switch completely.

    I hear angry birds makes more on advertising on Android anyway.

  • ile2010

    Don’t care. I’ll buy Android, iOS, WP, BB. I’ll buy whatever I happen to like at the moment. Based on most internet comments on this case, you’d think that everyone was an Apple or Samsung shareholder.

  • nrj4life

    Long live Android!

  • John Marshall

    It’s weird how this court ruling is bad news for Android, and yet everyone thinks this can only mean a bright future for it going ahead. How does it being a target for patent litigation suggest positive things?

  • Nick

    As others yes, I will buy Androids, and completely boycott apple products.

  • Jodee lin

    The recent court decision will absolutely not affect my decision to buy Android, and more specifically, Samsung devices. I just bought the galaxy note, will buy the galaxy note 2 when it is released. In fact, this decision will make me stand for Android and Samsung even more.

  • Steven

    Not really, i think both Iphone and Samsumg offer products that more than exceed what your average joe needs from a smart phone. If you need to cheer for one side or the other to look cool then thats up to you.I’ll wait till my contract is up and get what suits me best thankyou

  • Eric

    I used to have an iphone but before all this was going on and when I wanted to download some apps they said no and they love to control everyone just like in the court case, so I will never buy an apple product again, ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Miyagi

    I currently own a Nokia Lumia 800 and a Samsung Galaxy S2X… iPhone? NEVER!!

  • jellmoo

    I will continue to buy whatever the best product for my need is. The back and forth pissing contest of billion dollar tech giants is not my concern. The continued bickering of fan boys touting how much better their product is than the competition and beating their chest with righteous indignation is of not my concern either.

    The best product for my need. Each and every time.

  • Denis

    No. It will not change anything. I will still continue to buy Samsung mobile and non mobile products. I have had good experiences with Samsung electronic products.

  • Orange

    Regardless of the trial, I have had poor experiences with Apple in the past that has diswaded me forever from purchasing another Apple product. The first was iPod touch, I bought one the first week it was released. A year later, we finally got the promised App store (for only another $20!). Another year and we got our final update (for another $10! double yay). o that was great. But I still came back and bought an iPad 2, thinking that they’d have fixed bugs and made it better than the competition. 3 months later it was on kijiji after I got tired of my friend’s Transformers and G. Tabs out-performing me at every turn.

    TL;DR: If anything, this trial was completely ineffective on me, except to further cement my desire to never purchase an Apple product again.

  • julian

    I think the apple court victory only makes mmewant to buy more android products. Crapple is going down hill now that Jobs is gone, and this lawsuit smells of fear and hopelessness amongst his remaining cronies. This may be a bump in the road for Android manufacturers, but I am sure that Google will prevail in the long run

  • Wilbour

    The worm always hides in an apple

  • Wilbour

    It’s the forbidden fruit

  • Ultraman

    No. I will never buy any Apple products. This company is too greedy. Selling only 1 model at sky-high price for years. I will only buy Andriod products and I’ll advice all my friends to do the same. I will not give any chance for Apple to make money from me.

  • wheels

    It makes me go out of my way to try and talk as many people as i can to by android and boycott apple

    • John Marshall

      You must be like one of those Straight-Edge kids that like to tell all their friends how bad drugs are for them, and we all know how likeable they are.

  • Denis

    No It wont affect anything on my part. I will continue to buy Android based operating product-Samsung phones or otherwise

  • kaybertoss

    Hell no.

  • John C

    Marshall you need to educate yourself before you make decisions like these. The claim that Androids feature of retaining user preferences is a bad thing is textbook ridiculous. Android is very transparent with it’s privacy policies and has extensive options for adjusting these features. That’s the thing about Android. You can change anything. Perhaps it’s biggest flaw is that uneducated laymen, (much like yourself?), never discover that fact.

  • Andrew Singer

    What Apple is doing makes me sick. If anything their behavior makes me want to sell my Apple products and switch everything to Android. Does anyone honestly believe the Galaxy S looks like a 3Gs? I’ve owned both and I don’t think so. Why is Apple so afraid of competition anyway? That’s the real question people should be asking.

  • Artz

    It will reinforce that buying an android was right. What respect that I had left for Apple is now gone.
    Use better products to beat competitors who take your market share not going to court for infringing on ridiculous patents.

    • John Marshall

      Android was “right”, huh? I didn’t know this was a moral dilemma here.

  • no.brainer

    no more apple for me either…..
    H-E-L-L-O Galaxy note 2!!!! please come to telus soon!!

  • OGOD

    Never, my gf bought me a S3 for my bday during the lawsuit. No matter they win or not, I love my S3. BEST PHONE EVER!!!

  • EvanKr

    Affect my decision to buy Android? Not in a million years. Affect my decision to buy Apple? You bet’cha.

    • John Marshall

      I’m pretty sure you were discouraged from buying Apple to begin with. Having them be on the favourable end of a patent lawsuit isn’t going to change a thing except you can be more pious about it.

  • Marco

    I am buying an Galaxy S3 because of Apple!

    Ps I have had an iPhone since 2007.

    • John Marshall

      Save your money for the Ativ S. That looks like it’ll be way more phone.

  • John Marshall

    I will continue to unabashedly support Android, because no doubt being on the wrong end of a landmark legal precedent means nothing but good things for its future.

  • Henaway

    I think the Samsung vs. Apple situation was summed up very nicely by a non-techy friend a couple of weeks back when a bunch of us were discussing phones. She picked up an old Nexus S a few months back, and commented that her OLD Android phone still ran circles around her daughter’s new iPhone 4S – and does things the 4S can NOT. (Meanwhile, I admired how smoothly 4.1.1 ran on it, and compared my GS2 to someone else’s GS3. A dozen or so people of ages from early 30s to retired … only ONE iPhone user, who didn’t have much to say about it. Yet the Android users were raving about their phones. Even those who aren’t the least bit technologically inclined. That spoke volumes to me. Android users were actually excited about what their phones could DO. The best I’ve ever seen out of iPhone users is, “It’s an iPhone. It’s so cool!” Yet they can never tell me why it’s cool … weird, eh?

    • John Marshall

      I’m excited for Windows Phone 8 for much the same reasons of it being an efficient, useful platform, but no one will hear of it around these parts, that’s for sure.

  • John Marshall

    The large number of thumbs-up that will appear next to this comment will affirm that my opinion is the most correct because it is the same as all the others.

  • John Marshall

    The thumbs-down next to differing comments should send a loud and clear message about those that have the audacity to express themselves against the others. We’re only saving them from themselves, really.

  • kakarot

    It might give sheep a reason to baaaaahhhh…. but look at the 2 devices…. one feels old and been there and done that, the other is rocking the best hardware and software… there is no comparison. I will never buy another apple product again. Once apple sues the entire world for patents, there will be no advancement or choice… YAH! Samsung should just move the home button off the devices and BAM, still pwnd. Samsung is not going anywhere anytime soon… neither is android. You grandmas and 3 year olds can keep your 2007 os, I chose android, since the nexus one…. darn, I should of said that, maybe apple will sue google now… or me?! BAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • John Marshall

      You’re accusing Apple of having legions of mindless fanboys… ahead of hundreds of comments about how Android is mankind’s greatest achievement and Apple couldn’t innovate its way out of a paper bag?

      Are those irony blinders fitting well?

  • superfly

    Let’s force a new cool. Laugh at anyone with an apple product. Make them feel like they are losers. It will catch on. Kind of like “pay it forward” make people doubt that Apple is better. Android for the kill.

    • John Marshall

      Because scorn and ridicule should just get passed on to the next deserving recipient, not, y’know… ended.

  • Reynaldo Orta-Maycotte

    I had iphone and changed to Android (Galaxy S ll ) and I love it! Not going back to Iphone!

  • Manpreet Rehal

    The outcome of this decision doesnt matter because at the heart of it Apple knows that they have lost the smartphone war against Android and as Samsung is the spearhead of Android apple decided to go after them. I do agree that TouchWiz icons look a lot like Apple’s icons but thats an immature reason for a company to sue another one. Its just plain unprofessional. Secondly till where the infringements are concerned, google should start suing Apple for stealing the pull down notification tab and directly activating the camera from the lockscreen and other features that can be accessed from the lockscreen. Apple products are already outdated on their launch, their tecnology isnt new and neither is their software. They should stop boasting that they have the most advanced mobile OS cuzz they have already lost that war abut a year and a half ago since Gingerbread.

  • anona

    Apple are massive hypocrites.

    “Good Artists copy, great artists steal” – Steve Jobs, 1994

    “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas” – Steve Jobs, 1996

    I’ll stick Android.

    • John Marshall

      Picasso said that, not Steve Jobs. One thing you CAN attribute to Steve Jobs is “[iTunes on Windows] is like giving someone a glass of ice water in Hell.”

    • anona

      Picasso said it first, yes, but Jobs used it in an interview in 1994.

  • Mark

    No, Android will continue to paper and grow. Samsung and it’s customizations got them into their predicament. Hepefully the and of vendor customizations is near and Google can roll out all updates in a timely manner.

  • FC

    I would not buy an Apple product before the decision, and I certainly will not buy one now.

    Waiting for a proper decision where Apple goes down.


    • John Marshall

      September 12th… you don’t have too long to wait.

  • Scyoni

    Apple’s claim is stifling innovation. I don’t believe in the patent system the way it is now, and all it does is waste the time of courts that should be debating issues that actually matter. You should have the right to push your product to market first and a limited-time exclusivity right, but if your success depends on nobody else ever improving on your idea and competing with you, you’re not really contributing to society.

    The law suit leaves a sour taste about Apple, and between the loss of their iconic leader and this legal twist I don’t have much faith in the company right now. I was very excited when I bought my first iPod, but for a variety of reasons I’d rather put my faith in Google Android powered devices until Apple proves they care about the advancement of the tech at least as much their pocketbooks.

  • Mary

    Of course now Apple products are much more valuable. Why would I want to buy a cheap knockoff that the company that made it was penalized by a jury in a lawsuit.

  • Derek

    Apple spends all their time and energy with lawsuits… and forgets to innovate. Its been 2 years since apple has done something to their OS that wasnt COPIED from Android… And for the i***t who is about to scream WHAT ABOUT SIRI, do a bit of research on voice recognition and response before you scream, cause it was on Android first. O ya, google image search the HTC Legend, it was out before the iphone 4… who copied who? Apple is scum IMO. I guess their is 2 Dereks now haha…

  • James

    Apple is now known for sue happy company because it is what Steve Jobs wanted is “completely destroy Android” but I got nothing against Apple but I will always like Android phones best. everytime I hear Apple filed lawsuit against Samsung, it does make me very boiling mad. Apple should let them go and let people freedom of choice to buy.

  • MB

    I would feel bad just by getting an Apple product…this is not who I am…”I” am not part of their products like they want me to be, I am me. I am not an “I” thing.

  • LD

    After this verdict I will not at all be surprised if Samsung has quietly made a call to RIM to licence BB10.

  • superfly

    John Marshall……. It’s all over. The reign is over. Apple had peaked last year and now for the down hill roll is picking up stream. Brings happy tears to my eye. Again, it’s all over.over at last.

  • PR

    Affect my decision? Yep it will

    initially, i had absolutely no loyalty to brand names, if you matched my specs of A, B and C then you get my money, even if the brand was apple.

    now after all this BS suing back and forth, Apple has lost that spot on the “consideration list” and are now permanently banned for trying to limit my choices.

    Samsung however still remains as their phones and hardware are superior and match the specs i want in a mobile device.

    apple has never matched anyone in specs in mobile or desktop/laptops markets but were considered in the past.

  • ron

    if apple and google go to court, google will find some way to profit from the advertising and make a billion dollars…

  • MER1978

    I’ve never owned an iPhone… but I have had an iPod, shuffle, nano + touch… apple’s anti competitive behaviour started way before this lawsuit… it’s been awhile since I’ve even slightly considered giving them any money… I didn’t even install iTunes on the computer I bought a few months ago just to avoid the temptation to buy any music from them.

  • rhaimus

    Pretty much made sure I wont be buying an Iphone next.

  • Brian

    I think my next phone will be Samsung and not an iPhone because of this

  • Dennis Wang

    I don’t really care about all the lawsuit stuff, but having owned GNex and iPhone, I still like my iPhone better. We’ll see if this changes in the fall with iPhone 5, new Androids and WP8 on the horizon.

  • LJK

    Nope, I dislike them even more than before. Sorry Apple, you’re too full of yourself.

  • handheld addict

    Very good points in your post, Daniel. It’s nice to see a more balanced article compared to the embarrassment of the Apple-sycophantic Engadget articles.

    As to whether I will continue to go with Android… good question. I think I would, but I have to see what they will change to keep it lawsuit-free…

  • phuzzykiller

    I’ve never been a fan of Apple, but this really doesn’t affect my decision as to what company/platform I’m going to use. I prefer Android because it does what I need it to do and I prefer to flash alternative ROMs (AOKP/Cyanogenmod). As it stands, when I do get around to buying a tablet, it’ll most likely be a Windows 8 (or whateverthehellitscalled) tablet so that I can integrate it with my current custom built PC more easily.
    I do, however, hope that Apple takes their own words to heart and start innovating again. I’m extremely tired of hearing about the latest company that Apple’s suing through their continual abuse of the US patent system…

  • TouchMyBox

    Apple’s decision to out-litigate rather than out-innovate the competition has ensured that I never buy another apple product again.

  • russ

    no the reverse is true I am less likley to buy from apple. my current device a Samsung galaxy s3 us so much ahead of my previouse device an iPhone 4s that there is no comparison. the ability to share anything from any program in multiple different ways is a major advantage. not to mention that I much rather not support a bully like apple. I am a dedicated technophile and early adopter and I doubt I will ever buy another apple device since trying android.

  • OgtheDim

    Will always buy based on the phone and the value.

    This changes nothing.

  • OgtheDim

    Oh, and conversations like this one pretty much should prove to MobileSyrup that they need a login system and an “ignore” option. Hard to read through the serious comments when you get people who are just posting contradictions rather then arguements.

  • TP

    No, the decision would not affect my purchase.
    I am a big fan of Android and Samsung, but at the same time, Apple makes great products. To many people, Android is just too confusing and too techsavvy, where Apple provides a better integration of user-friendliness and easier access to technology. I would not recommend Android to people who belong to this category.

  • som

    NOPE!!!! No Apple products for. RIM or Android for me.
    I like being different than everyone else.

    The only Apple Product I’ll buyu are the ones that I can actually eat or make pies with.

    Can the person or family that came up with the word “APPLE” sue Apple for using the word? HMMMMMM

  • Hooman

    Hell NO!
    I’d rather switch to dumb phones 😀

  • Mike

    I have owned both iPhones and Android phones. I personally like Android a bit better, but was never opposed to the iPhone. When I’m ready for a new phone I always look at both of them and whichever one at the time I like better, I go with. But now, I’m definitely boycotting Apple.

    I don’t care about the legal mumbo jumbo. All I know is that Apple is a big hypocrite. Somehow it’s ok when they steal ideas from others, but not ok when others do the same. And seriously, you gotta be an i***t to confuse the iPhone with the Samsung products.

  • ToniCipriani

    Is this supposed to be a troll bait article for ad revenue?

  • WB

    It will absolutely affect my decision in buying Android in the future. I will never give Apple a single dollar of my money, and continue to support Android more so than ever. Apple can go rott with Steve Jobs. I am tired of their game play.

  • Me Ted

    Only if Jobs comes back from the dead and shines my shoes, the prick.

  • Mark

    Android will be my first choice. Nothing has changed. Second choice is WP8 and 3rd is BB10. I will not consider buying Apple at all

  • Kriilin Namek

    A patent for “double tap to zoom”. comeon! I would like to see who exactly in the patent office granted Apple these trivial functionality patents. Wonder if it’s the same person??

  • Zod

    I’ve never been a big fan of Apple products. They make decent stuff. However in my experience (at least going back to the release of ipods) I found competitors devices to be cheaper and offer more flexibility.

    I imagine this will be the same in 2 years when my cell phone contract runs out. I’ll do my research and buy what I think its the best phone on the market (last year it was the s2). Maybe it will be an Android, maybe it will be a Windows phone. I doubt it will be an Apple.

  • Johentie

    Samsung is genius…. They made billions on their phones and even though apple shouldn’t even have those patents… Samsung ONLY paid a billion to “use” them… That’s what I call the art of wat

  • Chief

    I will never waste my money on a apple POS.

  • Stuntman

    The only way I would buy an Apple phone is if they made a phone that I like more than Android phones.

  • Arie

    Who wants a bad apple ?

  • d3v14n7

    I’ve owned a few Apple products, including a couple iPhones, but after this horrible decision, I will never so much as touch an Apple device again. It’s funny how everywhere else in the world, Apple is losing its cases and said patents are invalidated, yet in the US, they win huge and their ridiculous patents are kept valid… Just goes to show how biased the entire lawsuit was against Samsung for being a foreign company, the lawsuit was won long before they entered the courtroom… But the worst part of it all is that this sets a precedent for future lawsuits against anyone else who Apple deems a threat, and it will only end with a monopoly…

  • Kroms

    Hell No. Why would it ?

    Android All the way. FREEDOM !

  • iconic

    What is considered innovation doesn’t just belong to one… Apple may have created something special, but they never were the ones to pioneer cell phones or even using internet on them.

    Samsung has been in this business long before apple has, and isn’t copying the largest form of flatery!!?

    iPhone is a good product yes, it is not however the only product that exist. I will still buy Android products, this is just a slight bump in the road…

    Let’s not forget that Mr. Jobs himself was know for copying and stealing the work of others. What comes around goes around.

  • Ariana

    I will stick to my Blackberry 😀


    My family has several Apple devices but we will never buy another Apple product again. No-one should be trying to control hardware, OS and content (through hideous iTunes) the way Apple is. It’s ironic that there was such a fuss several years ago when Microsoft was packaging Internet Explorer with the Windows OS, too much control. What a joke compared to what Apple is pulling these days.

  • sam

    Before I did not mind helping friends and family make a decision on buying apply, but now I will go out of my way not to recommend any apple products.

  • John

    Will Apple’s court win affect your decision to buy iPhone’s in the future? YES, I will never buy another I phone and if i got a free one I would:
    A: Sell it and give the money to charity
    B: See how it blends
    C: Use the iPhone’s value as a wager for a bet

  • Ariana

    most of the comments I read sound like you guys are trying to establish that if there is a soccer game between US and Korea and the game happens to be in the US suppose if the US team wins you think they got an advantage just because they were at home?!?
    Apple won because they worked for it…cheating/ copying is never good. Samsung got the yellow card this time hopefully it doesnt get the red card next time..

  • phonegurucanada

    Business is competition. If you could make one billion by sending a few employees to court with a boat load of paperwork, wouldn’t you? This is straight money.
    Apple knew they would win the battle because they had the patents first. Rich people are greedy. Thats the way it is, because if not, they would not be rich.

    Buy what works best to suit your needs. The phone that appeals to the most ammount of people wins. Thats how our economy works.

    There are a lot worse things to worry about, and a lot worse companies than Apple.

    The only reason that this court case is so popular is because most consumers are too lazy to research their products, and therefore rely on public image of a company to make the decision of “iOS vs Android”, where really to the average user either phone is overkill for their needs.

    Forget about the court case and move on with your life. Use whats best for you, because after all you dont buy oranges if your trying to make pumpkin pie.

  • aman bassi

    apple wants to copy the widgets from droid so bad hahah i know it! ANDROID IS STILL BETTER!

  • realitycheck

    I never wanted to get an Android before this, and this verdict doesn’t make me want an Android suddenly.

    I never liked Android, Windows Phone 8 or Iphone for me.

    Go ahead, downvote this comment, you know you want to. I want to be one of the cool guys who has a hidden comment.

  • Ilya Sverdlov

    If anything, it tarnished Apple’s image, forever. It’s a greedy company that innovates a little, then milks you until you’re dead; it’s only business model is monopoly, and monopoly is evil, period. I also believe the verdict will be overturned.

    So f*ck you, Apple, I’m sticking with Android. These devices beat the s**t out of iPhones without standing up.

  • Glitch

    Am I the only person who could give less of a s**t what company sues what company, and refuse to let stupid crap like a lawsuit dictate whether I buy a product that may be useful or entertaining to me, regardless of manufacturer?

    Fucking grow up people. Neither Google or Apple give two shits whose banner you fly, or whether you “swear off them for life!” Or realistically, a few years.

  • Bob

    Nope. Not at all. I really like my Samsung Galaxy S3. Android is working great for me. I would never ever buy an Apple product of any kind.