Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumoured to be available the first week of October


  • ikbel

    “we’ll most likely see the Note 2 come with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display (1280×720 resolution)”

    Hmm, I have the Galaxy Note 1, and the screen resolution is 1280×800. They’ve made the display bigger and reduced the number of pixels ??

    Please verify information before posting it !

    • Brad

      It’s possible that he’s speculating? As far as I know, the official specs haven’t been released yet.

  • vn33

    My Galaxy Note LTE radio is really killing the battery life. I turned it off most of the time, and that extends the battery quite a bit. If I need LTE, I just turn it on again.

  • BloodTypeO

    I hope Note 2 does not get duel-core as Galaxy s III while international version is getting quad-core.

    • al

      Although thaat is true, the dual core is almost as fast as the quad. IIRC the quad is a generation behind.

  • Melted

    that’s an awesome picture over there…!

  • Shaboobalah

    If I recall, the reason the GS III did not have a quad core processor in Canada/USA was incompatibility between the currently available quad cores and the LTE radio. Here’s hoping that’s been fixed, it it was the issue. Love my Note, stoked for the Note II.

  • Bong

    Have any one know the release date for the note 2 yet they say it suppose to be release in the middle of sept?