Sony unveils high-quality Exmor RS camera sensors for smartphone manufacturers

Sony has unveiled a few new members of its Exmor family of CMOS camera sensors for smartphones, but these ones may be found in your next Samsung or HTC device. According to the press release, the company is expanding the breadth of its Exmor sensor line with the Exmor RS, a series of 8-13MP CMOS image sensors that use a new “stacked” technology to combine previously separate components into a much thinner design.

All the sensors will be compatible with high-aperture f/2.2 lenses, and have HDR compatibility for better low-light photos without added grain or distortion. The 8MP varieties will be differentiated based on price and features, the more expensive of which will have built-in image signal processing.

The first products don’t ship until October, and the higher-quality 13MP sample won’t be available to manufacturers until March 2013. It’s good to see manufacturers focusing less on megapixel counts, which are superfluous when the sensor is only 1/4″ in diameter, and instead incorporate features that slim down the entire module and make better use of the light being captured by the sensor.

Source: Sony (Japanese)
Via: Pocket-lint