Apex Launcher beta for Android brings Jelly Bean features to ICS devices


  • Not Brainwashed by Apple Guy

    Yeah, customizing computers and phones and stuff is just so confusing and weird! Ugh! It’s hard enough to choose a ringtone without paying Apple!


    • PkaTka

      What does this article have to do anything with apple? Youre right. Youre not brainwashed by apple, but by google. Stop the hate.

  • Nib

    I think/hope he was being sarcastic.

  • EddieWinslow

    Have been using Nova for a while now on my SGS3, Will be downloading this right MEOW to try out.

  • kris

    apples ios launcher includes revolutionary features such as right,left and folders

    these are the types of features that change the industry guys

    • PkaTka

      @kris wasn’t it google that copied the left and right and folder thing from apple? As for as I remember, to create on my android I had to create a folder first and then drag icons into it, just like windows.

  • sam

    Some inaccuracies with this article. Nova Launcher had a Jelly Bean beta before Apex did. Apex’ beta doesn’t put them ahead of Nova Launcher, it actually puts them on par.

    • alexrobot

      I’ll also put in two cents in favor of Nova launcher:
      On my S3, it’s helluva lot smoother and faster, even when not set to the medium speed setting.

      Dunno why Apex runs slow/clunky on my hardware, even the beta stutters when I transition screens. Do I have to set the option to keep Apex in memory? What does this do?

  • jpbaril

    Still waiting for folders in App drawer…