Microsoft to rebrand the Windows Phone Marketplace to Windows Phone Store


  • Harris

    That’s Nice 🙂

  • Mike

    This will certainly change the way I view Windows Phone. Breathtaking!

    • RIP_MSFT

      hahahah 🙂

  • northstar_86

    Windows Marketplace would have sounded nicer in my opinion, and can ultimately unify multiple devices(tablets, smartphones, and computers) under one name when it comes to apps and downloadable content, and it also sounds unique compared to other app stores.


    “Phone” store ? y not simply Windows Store ?

  • Scott

    Slow news day…

  • Mike

    How about… Windows Shopping? Huh? HUH?!?

    • EvanKr

      Haha, good ol’ bad puns!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Apple created the original App store.
    And then google changed from android market to Google play ‘store’.
    Now windows changing to windows phone ‘store’
    Sigh, no originality these days


  • Billy Gates

    So before Apple there were no other ways to download Apps?

  • Matthew

    Gotta admit, I am with apple sales guy on this one. What better way to set yourself apart than to rename to the name everyone else is using. I liked marketplace myself. But its not really huge news.