Google Nexus 7 was initially designed with a back camera in mind

The Nexus 7 is a great tablet, but one thing it’s missing compared to others on the market (though not necessarily at the same price point) is a back camera. Unlike a 10-inch tablet which looks ridiculous when raised in the air for a photo, 7-inchers are significantly more compact and don’t look so intrusive, especially in the area of the “phablet.” The Nexus 7 was once going to come to market as the Asus MeMo370t, and for $249 would have shipped with a back camera. The BlackBerry PlayBook proved that you can have an excellent rear camera on a tablet, but it was once priced more than double what Google charges for the Nexus 7.

In a thorough unboxing of the tablet, XDA-Developers takes a look at the insides of the once-MeMo and finds evidence of a camera module, or at least space for one. It had been built into the motherboard design and just left unused, something that we’re not too upset about in the scheme of things.

Head after the break to see the full video — the camera love starts around the 5:30 mark.

Via: XDA-Developers