Google Nexus 7 was initially designed with a back camera in mind



    To be honest, I wouldn’t have been using it even if they did give it … The front camera truly is enough for a tablet. Mind you I carry my phone everywhere I go. If I ever do need to take a picture (not of my self with front facing camera) but of scenery, or an object I just use my phone and then upload to google drive. Then upload it to instagram using the nexus 7. The multi-touch and speed of it, is much better than my HTC Desire.

  • Sean

    Agreed I don’t mind the loss of the rear camera though they could of put in a better front one like a 3mp or at least improved the existing one

    • EvanKr

      Megapixels aren’t important, things like a sharp lens and a large sensor play a much more important role in image quality than megapixels. MPs are just important for marketing to try and convince people that a camera is better because of its higher resolution.

  • belw

    How difficult/costly would it be to mount a single camera that uses a swivel to point the camera either backwards or forwards? Wouldn’t this be “good enough” for most situations? How often to people use both the front and back cameras at the same time?

  • Thomson

    I don’t see any reason for a back camera on any tablet. The ones of my tablets go used. It’s just not comfortable or natural to use in that way.

  • dv

    Why would you take off the camera?

  • Azzo

    Most people forget that Tablets are not only for “PLAY” … people use them for their business. For example my mom is a seamstress and makes many dresses and wanted to have something to be able to take pictures so she can load them to her Facebook page to show her customers and promote her work right from the device. So she got a iPad 2.

    Now i have her on my back saying her iPad 2 is better than my Galaxy tab 10.1 FML

  • Mike

    I use my tablet to look up reference materials / data on the road. It is very important to have 3G/LTE. It seems nobody cares except Apple and Galaxy Tab…

    Not everyone has wifi 24/7!

    • Ben

      If I need access where there is no wifi then I link my tablet to my phone (wifi hotspot). You don’t necessarily need the tablet to be 3G/4G-enabled in order to use it on-the-go.

  • Nexus = Too little, too late!

    Listen to all the Fandroids making excuses for Asus.
    If Apple or BlackBerry came without a rear facing camera, they would have ripped them a new aperture.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    @azzo and @mike, you do realize most ppl actually JUST use tablets for playing and reading.

    Perhaps you need your tablets to do something more, but for that there are the $400-500 and over tablets. This one is just a basic needs tablet, and most people are fine with that.

    The only reason I’m not getting it is the non-expandable memory, besides that, lacking the back camera or SIM slot are non-issues for me and most people I talked to.

  • peter

    200$ tegra 3 tablet will have sacrifices. No rear camera is one of them. No sd slot is a nexus thing, if you buy a nexus dont ever expect sd slot. This is the bargain of the year. No surprised its selling out.i expect it to be on most peoples xmas list this year.

  • IPfreeli

    Screw phablets and tabphones! So sick of this BS mumbo jumbo jargon.

    Also who’s the i***t that came up with having back cameras on tablets? Seriously, who cares about a camera on your tablet. Everyone carries their phone with them anyways.

  • IPfreeli

    And another thing, screw Google and screw Android. This tablet is cheap garbage that Asus didn’t even assemble properly.

    Windows Phone and iOS all the way!

    • dumb entertainment


      “Screw phablets and tabphones! So sick of this BS mumbo jumbo jargon”
      “Windows Phone and iOS all the way!”

      You sound like a very intelligent person and I think everyone realizes we should listen to your advice. BHAHAHA.

      These devices are made especially for people like you. enjoy.

  • Dave

    The only place I miss the camera is scanning. For work I have an electronic service for faxes, so it is nice to have a camera to scan hard copy for faxing. The other place I miss it is in scanning QR codes. Neither of these is a deal breaker for me. I’m quite happy with the Nexus 7 so far.


  • metoo

    So ghetto. Welcome to the bargain basement.

  • Lyndon

    I’d buy one because its Android and not made by samsung…just not a fan of their designs. I hope htc and/or Motorola makes the next Nexus phone and tablet.

  • Mike

    Phone tethering is time and battery consuming. If you keep the option on constantly, you drain battery and run the risk of you neighbor stealing your cell phone internet. If you turn it on as you go, it takes extra time to look up something quick on your tablet.

    • dumb entertainment

      WTF are you smoking and where can I get some. Even when I take 10 bong hits your comment is still sounding retarded. I don’t know what OS you are using but: 1. turning on a hotsport takes like 5 seconds on my phone 2. your neighbor stealing wifi off your phone? it’s called WPA2, you know the same secure standard all wifi network use…3. if it drains your battery maybe you need to get a phone with a decent battery

    • BB bridge app makes 3G/LTE a moot point

      Seemless and feature rich. That’s the advantage of a BlackBerry phone bridged to a BlackBerry PlayBook.
      Funny to see the Android Fanboys making excuses for this Asus pile of iSht.

  • Mike

    Hey dumb entertainment, ask your mom to get some of things I am smoking. Obviously, it has affected your brain development, posting childish comments. Hot spot tethering sends constant signal from your phone. 1. It drains battery because it’s a 2 way network and most Android phones can hardly handle one whole day of use already. 2. There is a potential for wifi side effects from radiation / EMW, just do a google search on wifi transmission in school and how some teachers are against it now.

    I still think it’s weak not to have 3G / LTE. One of the criticisms with BB Playbook was the mandatory requirement for tethering to get many functions completed. So you are trying to tell people tethering is no big deal?

    You can have your own opinion, albeit a childish one, with swear words (WTF?!) in it. I am not going to lower myself to your level.

    I just want to point out the shortcoming of these wifi-only Nexus 7 or Amazon Fire tablet.

    • BB bridge app makes 3G/LTE a moot point

      Anyone who criticizes the PlayBook for tethering has no clue how BlackBerry Bridge works.

    • ruddias

      AHHH! SWEAR WORDS?! Scary.

  • Mememe

    I would find a camera useful on my nexus7, not for taking pictures of sunsets, but it would be a handy productivity tool to add pictures to apps like evernote and kijiji.