Motorola ATRIX HD LTE heading to Virgin


  • Abe

    Played with this phone with our Motorola rep and im very surprised by Motorola. Its a very well built phone with great features and the ui isnt far off from stock android.

  • Atrix…

    Hmmm heard horry stories about the first Atrix, something about it never getting updates…

    • Atrix…


    • Matt

      Trust me, you can see the google influence by just how vanilla it looks.

      My moto rep told me we were only getting the razr v for virgin, maybe something has changed then.

  • shoo

    Word of Advice, avoid Moto at all costs. They dont give a s#!t about their customers.

  • Jay jee

    Mind the gap!. Stay away. Check urself at non us motorola atrix forums. 100% likes are for ‘last moto ever’……