Samsung Galaxy S II users gain access to CyanogenMOD 10 preview builds

There are millions of Samsung Galaxy S II owners out there, and despite being recently updated to Android 4.0.4, it’s unlikely the phone will ever officially see a taste of Jelly Bean. Leave it to the development community to help out in times of need, though: an early preview build of CyanogenMOD 10 is now available for the Galaxy S II i9100. This unfortunately limits its use to just the Bell version of the GS2 for now, but we’re sure that in the coming weeks it will be ported over to other devices.

At the moment there is a problem with smoothness, but everything else should be working just fine, including calls and the phone’s camera. If you feel like experimenting with a new ROM, or just want to live on the bleeding edge, head on over to XDA-Developers.

Via: PhoneArena