Jelly Bean coming to Medfield devices, says Intel

Jelly Bean will be ported over to x86-based Medfield devices, says Intel. In a statement released to PC World, a spokesperson said, “Intel continues to work closely with Google to enable future versions of Android, including Jelly Bean, on our family of low power Atom processors.”

At this point, only Gingerbread has been fully ported to Atom-based devices, which have been released by Lava, Orange, Lenovo and Motorola, though the latter two are only available in China. No Intel-based Android phones are available in Canada, and likely won’t be until an established manufacturer deems it appropriate to do so (or Intel gives them a huge financial incentive).

Intel has little prominence in the Android space, though it is still the world’s leader in PC chip manufacturing. Medfield was meant to bridge that gap, but so far there have been few takers. Clover Trail, the next-generation Atom processor, is not being ported to Android but will remain exclusive to Windows 8 for the time being.

Source: PC World