Chatr increasing pay-per-use charges September 6th


  • Jimmy

    As long as they do not axe the brand and move everyone to Fido, that’s good.

  • G2

    Why is Rogers always so greedy?

  • The best Chatr store!

    This picture is the BEST Chatr store ever!

  • metoo

    Since chatr was only meant to confuse and take advantage of uninformed customers, I guess we should have seen this coming. They already the only zoned carrier in Canada, except for the Rogers dog Fido and they have the most expensive data prices in Canada. Is anyone really surprised to see them sucking more?

  • Radar

    Chatr in a Rogers way 🙂

  • sp

    you are a numtard. please go back into your hole and hide from the rest of the intelligent human population.

    this has nothing to do with RIM

  • Big Ang

    What I find really funny is that when outside the “zone” Chatr customers are paying equal to, and on occasion more to use the Rogers network than Wind or Mobilicity clients do to use the same network!

    Back when I was with Rogers, it would cost me 3x as much to make a phone call from my friend’s cottage compared to what I paid with Wind and now Mobilicity – and all three were using the Rogers network

    • henry liu

      then stay in your fricking zone.

    • androidforlife

      @henry: you get the idea of ‘mobile’ phones right? The ‘mobile’ part means mobile. Zones are a scam. They are a way to bring in artificial roaming.

  • baboo




  • Terry

    It always baffles me why companies are allowed to make multiple sub brands that only give off the illusion of competition as well as confuse consumers.

    It’s not just telecom that this happens, but it’s a sickening strategy that’s used by most companies. Have your main brand, but create a garbage sub brand to make the bigger band more appealing, or to confuse people who want a good deal.

    Course…Actually, it doesn’t really confuse me since Canada has some of the worst consumer protection laws I’ve ever seen.

    • Hub

      Canada has very little consumer protection (Provincial jurisdiction) and very little enforcement of competition act, if it applies. Why so? Because these big companies, which are operated in a regulated monopoly (only their monopolistic position is regulated, not their business practice) are a very powerfull lobby that bribe each and every government to keep them that way.

  • Shaggyskunk

    50 cents per minute! WTF! I can call freaking Croatia for.05 cents per minute! Rogers is on crack! :-[

  • Jack B.

    This is only the beginning of pricing increases as we see Rogers kill the Chatr brand us my guess.

  • havy

    Considering their big promo was $10/month for extra features, this is an ugly development.

  • Phone911

    Chatr is one of Canada’s uber DECEPTION carriers, Chatr is NOT one of Canada’s uber discount carriers.

  • metoo

    Actually thinking about this more, Rogers and Fido have both had recent price increases and value degradation so, this is just them applying the same model to chatr. Airtime charges on Fido and Rogers for usage over your bucket just went up to $0.45/minute. Long distance rates went up to $0.45/minute (combined, if you make an out of bucket call to a long distance number, you will be charged $0.90/minute). Fido reduce their fido dollar rate to 4% from 4% and the just got rid of per second billing in favour of per minute, in all cases rounding up to ensure the max cost to the customer.

    APRU is falling like a stone and customers are leaving, so Rogers wants to grab money from those that stay. But with moves like this, there will be fewer customers, meaning they will have to squeeze even more, leading to fewer customers, meaning squeezing more…

    I saw something similar when I had a sh!t and flushed the toilet this morning. Just replace the sh!t with Rogers and it was exactly the same.

  • 5Gs

    What would you expect from big 3. I feel sorry for people who still fall for their trap

  • vn33

    grow up !

  • lawlz

    still not worst than gas! you guys should b*tch about that!

  • Hooligan

    That’s robers for ya!

  • cellhop

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