Chatr increasing pay-per-use charges September 6th

Some price changes are coming down the pipe for Rogers discount carrier Chatr Wireless. Instead of the rates decreasing for the low-cost carrier, they’re increasing, but only for the pay-per-use features. Chatr states on their site that “As of September 6, 2012, some pay-per-use charges will increase. Pay-per-use charges are the little extras NOT included in your chatr plan, such as calls made outside of chatr zones.”

All of their pay-per-use features seems to have some sort of increase: Outgoing texts – to International destinations, Canada or the US – will increase between 5¢ and 10¢/text. Outgoing calls to the United States (while in a chatr zone) will rise by 5¢, then while roaming in the U.S. any incoming calls or outgoing calls to Canada and the US will double to 50¢ per minute.

Chatr is one of Canada’s uber discount carriers and the prices are supposed to be dropping, not increasing. These increases are not the hugest jump, but the money is always better off in your pocket.

Source: Chatr