TELUS will now unlock your iPhone for $50 (starts June 1st)


  • Pablo Moses

    Another money grab.



      IPHONE COST $159
      UNLOCK COST $50




  • vn33

    50 bucks is a lot of loose change … but at least the consumer has a choice.

  • jay

    Is this a real unlock? I didn’t know you could fully unlock a carrier based/locked IPhone…

    • Joe

      Do some research – it’s an every day practice. This is yet one more cash grab for our pathetic canadian carriers.

  • PumaYaYa

    Cost to Telus, $0
    Cost to Customer, $50

    • Rex Banner

      Actually there is a real cost to Telus. They sell the phone (any phone) at a fraction of what retail is to get you to sign a contract with them. There is also a potential loss of a lot of revenue if they unlock it allowing you to use it on any network.

      As for the websites that will unlock any phone for X dollars, I’m a little leery of handing out my serial # and IMEI to just anyone on the internet.

    • bob

      Let say you take a 3 year contract. Even if you unlock your phone, you still need to pay Telus for the lenght of your contract, or at least pay the balance of the phone. So there is no cost to them.

  • Rebellion

    True but the only North American provider I am aware of that will unlock the iPhone for you.

    The iSheep will line up, or maybe not. They already like to be told what they can and can’t do with their devices. Maybe this will confuse the crap out of them and they won’t know what to do.

  • Bill


  • Eric

    About time… Bell and Rogers have been offering an official unlock for a while now. Telus has been making all sorts of excuses about why they weren’t doing this but at least it’s an option going forward.

    • tony

      everything mobile in canada costs so much more compare to usa.

      3yr contracts to 2yr contracts.
      iphone unlocks $50 to $0 (at&t)

  • Joe

    Just an FYI – I unlocked my son’s Koodo BlackBerry for 99 cents off ebay 2 days ago. Last month I unlocked my old Rogers Android phone for $4 off ebay…. see a pattern here??

    • Rex Banner

      Yep. You’ve never tried to unlock an iPhone.

    • Ant

      Unlocking an iPhone is done directly though iTunes (once the unlock is initiated by TELUS).

  • Rex Banner

    This is actually amazing… To get an unlocked iPhone you can either: a) buy one from Apple at ~$600-900, or b) buy a heavily subsidized one from Telus, and all you have to do is have an account for 3 months, not be a scumbag and pay your bill on time, and pay the $50.

    It also shoots your resale value way up if you want to get rid of your iPhone. No you’re not limited to selling it to someone who wants to be on Telus.

    • kettal

      Am I missing something here? I’m pretty sure you have to be on a 3-year contract to get the discounted phone. NOT a 3-month contract.

  • Michael

    There are always guys like Pablo Moses who dont own a telus phone but see fit to b***h about everything.

    Rogers, Bell or TELUS guys like this just b***h b***h b***h with zero value comments.

  • JW

    iPhones are $50/4 = 12.5 times better than your rogers android?

  • mike

    Wind Mobile will give you the unlock code after 90 days on their network.

    • Alex Perrier

      WIND now charges $10 for the unlock code as of April 2012. i think the three consecutive months of service remain necessary. Sadly, no iPhone yet. But WIND unlocking is a nice, affordable service which is official and legitimate. Trusting a third party unlocker can be a big risk.

  • Johhny5

    Some people who aren’t Tech savy don’t want to filter through Ebay to find these codes and screw up their phone. I’d rather deal with someone in person to do it for me.

  • Plazmic

    LOL! @ All the people who are upset or calling this a money grab. You either don’t own an iPhone or you know nothing about the high resale value iPhones have versus other phones.

    By having an unlocked iPhone, permanently (not jailbreaks, sim adapters, etc) for just $50, you easily increase the resale value by $100-$200.

    Can’t effing wait! Will unlock on day one and save the money for a BB10 phone.




      RESALE FOR $850 I MAKE $150 CASH????


    • Lumia800

      Why would you make something so smart to get some profit, and then something so …. like getting a BB10 phone??

      You will all the money you made and more..

  • Rebellion

    Folks I was not aware of Rogers or Bell offering to unlock iPhones. My mother tried to unlock hers and Rogers refused, she left and went to Telus.

    This was only 1 year ago.

    I know most vendors are now offering to unlock phones for a fee. T-Mobile in the US unlocks a phone after 90 days free of charge and that is the way it should be.

    You have purchased the unit and signed a contract to ensure the carrier get’s their subsidized money back. The phone is your property now and you should be allowed to do what you want with it including using another carriers SIM when you travel outside the area of your current provider to eliminate the INSANE roaming fees.

    • Bob

      Rogers has been unlocking iPhones for years. I’m not sure about bell. With Rogers I believe you may have to have completed your contract to unlock, which is shitty.

    • elnad

      Rogers unlock your iPhone when your contract ends or if you pay the “broke-contract” amount. A friend of mine with a 3GS on Rogers wanted to have an iPhone 4 so I paid the amount to break his contract, pay the 50$ and his iPhone 3GS was mine. He then started a new 3 years contract with an iPhone 4 and everybody was happy. Rogers even charge the 50$ on my Fido account instead of charging my friend. And it was 2 years ago.

  • Jon Smyth

    Their website – as of this moment – still says “TELUS currently is unable to unlock any version of the Apple iPhone…”

    • Ant

      Hence the topic title – starting June 1st.

  • Plazmic


    LOL! I don’t think you get it my friend. It’s okay though, leave the money making to the thinkers, we got this.

    • Tminus

      I dont think JUST SAYING gets anything, just another fandroid moron clearly evident by his rant about buying a 650$ unlocked iphone and unlocking it for 50$ then trying to sell if for 850$. No s**t he uses an android and thinks its the best device to ever grace his hand

  • kris

    or get a unlock code online for $5-10

  • Jon

    unlocking your phone from a carrier retains your 1 year warranty if it is still available, unlocking your phone from a third party automatically voids the warranty

  • mIKE

    Buy yourself a Samsung Galaxy Nexus it comes fully unlocked, and best of all it works on every company in the world. Why buy a piece of Cr@p locked down Idevice

  • khk

    Will Koodo follow?

  • laweege

    @jon where does it say anywhere unlocking your phone voids your warranty? unlocking is not jailbroken. it just means you can use any sim card on any network

  • joe

    Is this a true unlock?
    Even the apple store doesnt sell truly unlocked phones, they are unlocked untill the first sim is inserted….

    • Bob

      Apple Store iPhones are left unlocked if you pay full price. If you want a carrier subsidy, the iPhone is locked during the setup process.

    • A. Carmine

      You couldn’t be more wrong joe. iPhones bought at full retail price from the Apple store are completely and fully unlocked. If you decided to go with a carrier plan with a subsidized discount, then of course you ain’t getting it unlocked.

  • Mark

    what people don’t realize is unlocking an iphone takes more then just an unlock code like every other cell phone. its not as simple as putting in a different carriers sim, typing in an MEP code and unlocking.

    Also, as I previously worked in tech support for telus, I can assure you, telus has never had the ability to unlock iphones. It was a restriction through apple. its done through software on the carrier end that up until tomorrow, has only been provided to rogers in this country. the apple store can’t even unlock your iphone

  • warren

    Awesome will it work on wind now?

    well ?

    will it?


    • Rebellion

      The iPhone will work on the WIND network (just like the T-Mobile network) but will only work at 2G. Wind uses the 2100MHz frequency where the other NA carriers are on 1900MHz.

    • acwyau

      Wind doesn’t have a 2G network…you can only use 2G on a Wind phone when you are out of a zone, which means you are roaming on Rogers.

  • cheenachatze

    iPhone or any other phone, why does it come locked to begin with? If I get it subsidized, I need to keep paying until the end of the contract, or I need to pay early termination fee. Either way the carriers get their money. So why is the phone locked? This is just a rip off on behalf of the carriers. There are many countries in the world that it is illegal for carriers to lock their phones. Why not here?

  • acwyau

    This is a huge advantage for Telus over Rogers and Bell. To get your iPhone unlocked with Rogers, you have to pay the fee and be out of contract. Telus allows you to be on contract and still have your phone unlocked. Unlocking an iPhone is very different from all other phones, so this is a big deal.

  • Harsimran

    has any one tried calling Telus mobility and doing the unlock

  • Ninja

    yes, I called Telus this morning and the first rep said they didn’t offer iPhone unlocking but second rep i spoke to did look into it more and was able to do it for me. I never got the screen “your iPhone is unlocked” when I plugged it back into iTunes, but I reset phone a couple of times and took the telus sim card out and put a Rogers sim worked in it!!! 🙂 so I guess it’s unlocked!!! its an iPhone 3gs that is 2.5 years old and I met all of the criteria for unlocking obviously!

  • Xan

    Just wanted to confirm that I was Telus did unlock my iPhone. I did not get the message “Unlock Complete. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. To set up and sync this iPhone, click Continue.” I tested it by inserting a Rogers SIM card, which worked. It registered to the Rogers network and I was able to make calls.

    • Cloe

      To the people who successfully unlocked their iPhones:

      What firmware were you guys running? Do I have to update to the newest 5.1.1 in order for the unlock to take place? I’ve gone through all the steps but it doesn’t unlock because my iPhone 4 is running 5.0.1 ios.

      My mother’s iPhone 4S unlocked successfully after plugging it into iTunes while running the newest firmware.

  • dboug

    HELLO are u guys stupid ? It says in fine print that the iphone MUST operate on the TELUS HSPA network.

    So even if you unlock it, you have to use it with telus still. So basically there is no use of unlocking it, just a waste of 50 bucks.

    • acwyau

      Who’s the stupid one? The comment above you confirmed that a Telus customer was able to use their phone on Rogers after unlocking. What it means is that it will work with any network compatible with Telus HSPA network. That would include Rogers, Bell, Fido, AT&T, etc.

    • A. Carmine


      What they mean is that it has to be an iPhone from Telus I think… not that you have to unlock it and use it on their network…

    • Ant

      It’s not a waste of 50 bucks – the unlock is legitimate and you will be able to use your phone with any provider in the world. The condition is that the phone must have operated on the TELUS Network for more than 90 days.

  • Ant

    For anyone who tried the unlocking process; and was not successful – I can vouch for any TELUS employee who was unable to complete the unlocking process.

    One step was initially left out of the unlocking process – so they wouldn’t have known.

    After TELUS flags your phone IMEI to Apple (to be unlocked) – you have to sync your phone with iTunes with a SIM card from another carrier. iTunes will then recognize that your phone is locked to TELUS – and that you have a (e.g.) ROGERS SIM card inserted – it will then proceed with the unlocking.

    Happy unlocking!

  • A. Carmine

    Tried calling in… they told me they don’t do unlocking for iPhone… =/

  • ANON

    I used to work for Telus. This is NOT new! Rogers, Bell & Telus all provide this option for $50

    LOL fail !

    • Amadeus

      I called Telus many times to get my iphone unlocked. They always told me they didn’t do it.

  • daniel

    Are you stupid dboug? There are different iPhone’s in the world with different hardware for different regions. GSM and CDMA, do some research, thats what they meant by that opertaing on the Telus HSPA Network.

  • jaspreet singh

    can i get my iphone 4 unlocked even if i am not a telus client and i also don’t have a telus account.

  • Travis

    i bought a used telus iphone 4 off kijiji…..i am not a telus customer…will they still unlock it for me?

  • Dave

    Just got off the phone with Telus. They told me it would be $50. I can unlock it myself with 3rd party software but since I paid $749 after taxes for my Telus iPhone 4s, I sort of expected them to unlock it for me seeing how I could have gotten it from the apple store already unlocked at no extra charge. Good riddance Telus. Such a cash grab. Thanks to the Dev Team. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  • ken

    mobifree unlock iphone4s

  • josh

    So i just unlocked my iphone, but im kinda concerned, since im new in this stuff, can anyone please help: Will i lose my unlock if i restore? Will the iphone still be unlocked once i finish my contract with telus?? Thanks in advance

  • Brandy

    Why can’t you? Just google “Telus iPhone Unlock SenseiPhone” and you’ll find a site that will unock Telus iPhone for you!

    It costs more than $50 thou, it’s not a convenient price for me.

  • JWSO

    This is what they emailed me today Oct 31 / 2012

    “Before you can unlock your device, please ensure that your account meets all the requirements below:

    – The device must be active on the network for a minimum 90 days

    – The last three (3) consecutive bills must have been paid in full

    – Agree to a one-time fee of $35.00 for your unlock code

    If you meet all the requirements above and agree to the $35.00 device unlocking fee, please contact our Client Care Team at the number below to obtain your unlock code:

    Our Client Care Team may be reached at 1-866-558-2273 or *611 from a TELUS handset.”

  • test


  • bell

    hi Bell will start Nov 26,2012, unlocking iphones.

  • Jim

    If their is no contract are the required by law (bill C-343) to unlock upon request, without fee?

  • jacqui

    so if I’m with telus and want a Rogers phone unlocked to use for telus, they can do that?

  • danley0022

    Hey guys, if any of you uses ATT, go check out attiphoneuncloking, its a good site, i have been using it for a while, they can also unlock in-contract phones

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