Apple releases iOS 6 beta 3 to developers, squashes bugs and improves performance


  • BB

    If this was a blackberry article people would say…when….and give us a date.

    • RIP_RIM

      “Apple HAS released iOS 6 beta 3 “.

    • Pablo Garcia Jiminez

      Loaded this on my BlackBerry Curve through porting, rebooted, and BB10 loaded up. Very slick and sweet!!!


  • Sean

    This update also allows people to get an email address and if you have an you have the same username but @icloud

  • Tayshaun


  • andy c

    so how does a normal person get this beta release on there iphone 4s?

    • Rio

      Send me an email at crzyrio(at) 🙂

    • Brent M

      @andy c

      google is your friend. all you have to do is download the iOS 6 build from a random website and do a phone restore using that file.

      Back-up your s**t though before hand because alot of apps probably wont work in iOS 6

    • ANON

      You don’t.

  • tooold

    It’s Resolutionary!

  • Jeff

    @andy c Pay $5 to a developer and they will add your iPhone’s serial number.

  • idonkey

    Hope that they have fixed the anntenna and overheat problems.

    • d3v14n7

      Of course they haven’t, they’re not problems, they’re extra features that only iOS is able to get! If any other phone had these features, Apple would sue them into the ground…

  • Matthew

    Nope, passbook is still dead.

    However: Turn by Turn maps is now working

  • Yesenia

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  • Brent M

    so is there a way to change our email to @icloud? just sounds stupid.