Concept: BlackBerry touchscreen device, powered by Windows Phone 8


  • Jamma

    Does anyone see Palm here? SMH
    RIM is done and this is coming from a big RIM fanboy.

    • bbpb

      You are not a fanboy if you already say they are done.

    • Todd

      Yes there are some who see Palm here. Especially those who haven’t a clue what they’re talking about.

    • BB

      just by looking at the comments i now understand why iphone is so popular. most people would buy based on looks and then say its great technology. it does look good, but its about what is inside….or at least i though it was.


    That looks awesome. Unfortunately it will never happen.

  • OgtheDim

    So this is a concept off a rumour that only one source has?

    SEO much?

    • UpgradeAll

      This is the CONCEPT of an ARTIST, that also makes ice spoons, and the coolest “door stoppers” you have seen!

      Not a product from RIM. RIM should hire him though

    • OgtheDim

      Um…I know its an artist.

      There are THOUSANDS of concepts thrown up onlne every day. Just sit there and refresh pinterest. Heck, cookie monster singing is a concept.

      This site is basically using this concept as search engine bait.

  • superfly

    I would buy that now if it were real. Can’t believe it but it looks awesome.

  • Android Fanboy

    Its actually a nice looking phone, in the Windows Phone Market, something like this can actually bring increased competition to Nokia.

    • KC

      Thing is, for something like this to actually come into existence, RIM would cease to be a competator of Nokia.

      Their life as it has been would be over. From that time forward RIM would service Microsoft. Microsoft would add their biological and technological distinctiveness to their own.

      Fortunately RIM has decided that resistence is not futile and it going to fight assimilation to their last breath.

  • js

    don’t get the point. rim is not known for handset design and this thing doesn’t have a physical keyboard. this could be one of many smartphones out there simply slapped with a blackberry logo.

  • Kevin

    It would look better with BB10. Screw Windows!

  • astudent

    whats with the lack of a windows logo? Even Nokia doesn’t even do that.

    • ExcessDan

      the pictures are obviously not real

  • David

    I like to see this device with Android. The screen take all the front face was be nice. The back look good also.

  • blackprince

    WOW! A BlackBerry device I would actually consider buying.

    • KC

      If you like that, and you’re not already a drone, then you’ll really like the real thing with BlackBerry 10 on it next year. RIM is going to steal the show at CES!

  • Harris

    I don’t see the point of having blackberry make this phone… I mean, it can be the same design with any other OEM label on it.

  • Rich

    Strangely, I’m gaining confidence that BB will do reasonably well in the future. I’ve been a Debbie Downer on that front for a bit, but just have some good vibes.

    … Those ‘vibes’ aren’t enough to make me invest in their stock though.

  • juneboy


  • Pink Lady

    To me this look more like blackberry 10 with some customization to it. When I googled images of BB10 the screen look almost the same just with a few more icons on it. I really hope BB doesn’t start using the Windows 8 or my 9800 will be the last BB I own.

  • Aaron

    If this was real, I could not help but buy it! For now I’m good with Jelly Bean! Also, Hopefully BB 10 turns out well, otherwise they are dead!

    • KC

      Don’t give in, resistence is not futile. Microsoft wants this to be real so that people have no choice but to join the collective because even in it’s current state with BB 7.1, RIM is still selling as many phones as any android OEM that isn’t Samsung. That, plus their continued stron presence in Enterprise is why Microsoft wants them to join the collective in the first place.

  • WP74Life

    An union between RIM and WP would be the best thing that could happen in the industry.
    And it is the time for it to happen.
    People are tired of their iPhones, the only thing that keep them with this OS is all the applications they bought.
    And android,, oh my.
    High-end android will remain for those who believe they are professional technician because they go on XDA and root their wasted money.
    All the people I know with low-end android are angry at their shitty device because at the end, this is android : shitty.
    WP will rise, BB will join them. Mega orgy of awesomeness.

    • KC


      RIM will fight assimilation into the collective until their last brath!

      RIM would rather die then become just another drone in the collective like poor Nokia.

      Technological distinctiveness deserves to thrive and develop on it’s own, not be assimilated into the Windows Collective.

      Resistence is not futile!

    • GrapeApe

      M$ buying RIM and continuing to run Nokia would be good for them (they would own the Enterprise and Entry space [WP7 is easier than all others to use, I recommend it to old people for that reason]) and force Google and Apple to work to maintain the middle of the market.

      I’m surprised M$ is gragging their feet, and as much as the market cap for RIM is dropping, so waiting seems wise, what they give up in time is more valuable than saving a billion, as strange as that sounds. For a company like M$ they could finalize ownership of RIM & Nokia with their quarterly profits, let alone annual sum.

      The longer they wait, the harder it is to undo the fragmentation and longer it takes to leverage system centre and lync into a BES-like structure to stem the flow of peoples to other platforms.

  • Dave

    To be clear, these images represent absolutely nothing.

    Somebody thought it would be cool if RIM put out a phone with WP8 on it. Somebody else thought it would be cool if it looked like this.

    This doesn’t actually correspond to anything that anyone is actually working on making.

  • Miknitro

    Kind of makes the Nokias look like toys.
    I have to admit, it’s a sharp looking render, but is just a pipe dream at best imo.

  • Brent M

    looks alot nicer than the other windows phone designs. i would buy this.

  • Awad Yuskevichinov


  • GTP20

    Now thats something I would buy

  • EveryonesOpinion

    This is pretty sexy. I would consider buying this.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Windows 8, JPMORGAN, Does RIM want to fail?!

  • nick

    omg i love it this would be so awesome!!

  • tyson

    id buy this…come on RIM!!!

  • Deli

    I thought that was a render of the future Note 2 for a second!

  • Yesenia

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  • Joshua

    Love the OS (can’t wait for it to come out) but I wouldn’t touch Blackberry hardware with a 10 foot pole. On top of that, this kind of device would never happen. These two companies MAY partner but I can’t see it being for this kind of device.

  • jansen

    if this happens id sleep outside rogers or bell to get this device. like how those fanboys does it.

  • Gtp20

    Do you thing a handset like this one would make people more interested in bb10 then that rectangle brick with the 3″ screen they used in all the bb10 demo videos?

    This is a smart looking phone. I would definitely be interested in a BB again if it had Windows 8 on it.

  • bummy

    omg those renders are GORGEOUS!
    Somebody sent this to RIM!

  • Jesse

    Never say never people, stranger things have happened.

  • mike

    If Rim goes with Windows Phone 8 then they’d surely go bankrupted for sure, Windows Phone suck

  • Nathen

    LMAO you people are so funny.

    Based on a fake pic everyone is saying they would BUY IT, LOL