CBC TV app for iOS updated with iPhone, iPod Touch and AirPlay support


  • Rebellion

    No Android app though which is wrong. The CBC News app sucks on Android and crashes all the time.

    You’d figure they would want to support the largest platform in Canada, in terms of units, but no.

    Get with it CBC!! Stop this one platform support crap!

    • Tom

      I mostly agree – I’m a CBC fan and am disappointed at how Apple obsessed they are. Their Android apps are a joke.

      But, I don’t think it is accurate to suggest that Android is #1 in terms of users. Maybe in terms of current sales, but not installed base. Hopefully soon though.

    • Xenon

      Actually, Android has taken over as the dominant platform. Apple is not the largest anymore.

  • Lirodon

    “Non-renewal of Jeopardy”; Well that’s why we have WBZ and KOMO.

    And yesh, Android version. They need it. Desperately.

  • Xing Xu

    will this support blackberry?

    • one of the tipster


  • Camfella

    What’s blackberry?

  • Monroe

    No Android, No interest.
    My interest will peak at the first TV Network that releases a functional Android app.