Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 now expected to be released on July 6th


  • rk.

    should be in the $200 price range..

    • Mighty Thor

      samsung, stop flooding the market with junk

  • Shawn S

    Saving up my money for the $200 Google tablet. Hard to get excited for anything else out there right now.

  • TouchMyBox

    I like how it has an image of both the 7.0 and 10.1 on the product page.

  • Jordan Hill

    who would buy this when you can get a quad core nexus tablet for ~$200??

  • MB

    My guess is because they have too many left of the old model, the 7″ is on sale right now for 249$ instead of 349$…

  • GTP20

    Has Futureshop ever shipped a pre-order on its originally expected shipping day?

    They are always pushing back the pre-order dates. Then when the day comes when its finally available there will be a hundred of them at every store and the lucky pre-order people will be twiddling their thumbs waiting for Futureshop to ship their item they’ve been waiting weeks for.

  • Atrix

    2 expensive. Will wait for google tablet.