Virgin Mobile “Tester Team” now looking for Galaxy S III testers


  • pete drummons

    I still have an old school cell phone with cracked screen etc so i would love to test a new kind of phone lol mine blows

  • Gail Butler

    My phone is ancient, and I would love to see how the real world operates with an upto-date phone!

  • David

    Also worth noting:

    “Heads-up! Sorry about this, but because of network differences Members in Manitoba can’t currently apply to test HSPA/4G smartphones.”

  • Toni Mills

    I have an old flip phone and a minimal texting option on my plan, but with two teens who now have their own phones, and a preferred communication method of texting, my phone needs an upgrade. Plus my iPod touch, on which I have been linked with WiFi to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and other smartphone apps recently died. I’m feeling a little under-connected of late and would love a chance to try out the Android side of things!

  • Samuel

    Why are they leaving QC out of the game again?

    • Synthiis

      Because of Loto-Québec… They have control of pretty much every contest available and if they want the contest to be valid in QC, they have to follow LQ rules. That’s why also most of North American contests excludes QC, since they don’t want to adjust to LQ rules (i.e french rules)

  • shaggyskunk

    How’s about, all the MobileSyrup followers, nominate the iPeople Trolls AND Sam, to be the Testers. That’d give them the opportunity to experience a real phone, & as for Sam, something else to occupy is day 😀 ^_^

  • meh

    Quebec excluded ? as usual *sight*

  • Dariusz

    Pity you seem to have to be Virgin customer already. I’m looking to switch carriers so this would have been good try for me of their network and customer service.

  • EddieWinslow

    Basicslly to win this you need a lot of followers on twitter, and already be a virgin customer.

    we mobilesyrup fans all need to follow each other on twitter to have a chance for this.

  • Christian

    Why cant Virgin USA be this cool!

    • Lazed

      @Christian Because Virgin Mobile USA doesn’t rip their customers off nearly as badly as Virgin Mobile Canada does.

  • Virgin Mobile

    Hey guys, this is Jeremy and I’m the Social Media Manager at Virgin Mobile. Just wanted to answer some of your comments:

    1. Synthiis is right. Québec has extra contest regulations that the rest of Canada doesn’t have. We wish we could include them, but with the tight timelines around launching phones we just can’t make the #vmtester team available there. Wish we could.

    2. The Tester Team is one of the perks Members get for being with us. It’s to thank Members and give them a shot at hot, new phones first. That’s why it’s not open to non-Members.

    3. The Team is chosen based on the quality/originality and engagement on their Twitter account and also the creativity and fun of their entry. It’s not based on Twitter follower count.

    Any other questions – feel free to shoot me an email at Thanks guys!

  • Alex

    Unfortunately, Quebec residents are excluded from participating.

    Ofc always.. Fawk you! *Leaves angrily*

  • Landon Paul

    I just sent in a 100 word application. 🙂 I doubt I’ll get in, but the Samsung Galaxy SIII looks great. And asking for four tweets is not really asking much from any techie 😛

  • rootdown

    Contrary to what Synthiis implied. The extra rules for Qc residents don’t have anything to do with “french rules”. I know it’s fashionable to boil down everything to language but red tape is not a language issue.