Virgin will release the BlackBerry Curve 9320 at $150 outright, here are some unboxing pics


  • A. Carmine

    So… the 9320 is an OS7 9300… right?

    • EvanK

      Oh no, it’s so much more! This new Curve will revolutionize the mobile market forever, with its innovative and all-new BBM key. RIM took the bland, old, boring convenience key and gave it an totally different look, writing “BBM” onto it, assuring that smartphones will never be the same because of this innovation.

      Plus, because RIM always wants to give the customer only the BEST brand spanking new experience with the totally new styling, they didn’t stop at the excellent BBM key, they also added… wait for it… raised buttons! Yes, now you can control your smartphone with the intriguing raised buttons, your friends will all be so envious, asking how they work. But here’s the thing, there will be no learning curve because the raised, colourless buttons function exactly the same way! What brilliant innovation for this revolutionary mobile phone!

      As you can see, the all-new Curve 9320 will be THE best selling smartphone on the market with its impressive features that will blow you and your friends’ socks off. The BBM key and the raised colourless buttons make it the only choice for the discriminating smartphone buyer looking for the top of the line experience.


    • Mickey

      This phone is amazing!!!!!!!!

      Android and Apple cannot compete!

  • mobile expert

    Awesome the source now i need to find someone who works there to give me there discount 🙂

    • James Hunt

      except the source employees don’t get discount on handsets

  • John Edwards

    You know you were able to set the convenience key on any BB as a bbm shortcut eh…just because they wrote bbm on the button doesnt make it any different.. the price is decent.. i mean its a blackberry.. id probably take this over the galaxy gio though considering that phone is terrible.

  • John Edwards

    Also, I cant believe the battery for the 9320 is bigger than that of the 9900 (1450mah vs. 1230mah)… wtf?

  • Brad

    My goodness…..a reasonably priced Blackberry device….I never thought I’d see the day. I see this being a big seller, actually. One thing Virgin is better at than other companies is it hasn’t ignored its prepaid roots and actually has a half decent selection for the people who would rather go that route.

  • iamkennypowers

    genius. this phone will sell like you wouldnt believe, watch. Smart move rim

  • Mike

    No point in purchasing any blackberry’s right now, specially since BB10 devices are soon to be released, And all these ones right now will be obsolete.

    • iamkennypowers

      do you really think a kid in grade 8 will care if his phone is 0s7 or 0s10? hell even os5. not everyone is a phone nerd. it makes calls, it texts/bbm’s, and you can take pics and use facebook/web

    • brunes

      RIM is probably going to go bankrupt or be sold before phones with BB10 come out anyway though.

  • Megahertz

    I do believe that RIM is now back on track…

  • G -man

    It is what it should be : AWESOME entry -level device at an excellent price.
    Guess the goats don’t get that.

  • Skazzy

    $150 for entry level and good battery life isn’t so bad but Galaxy ACE and Optimus One are good touch screen choices at that same range too. If the Lumia 610 sells for $150 then there will be problems as well.

    The only thing this phone has going for it is the keyboard + good battery life. If it were $99, then it would fly off the shelves like hotcakes. RIM needs to undercut their competitor prices at all levels to increase sales.

  • KG

    Whoever’s hand that is, I’d rather not be looking at. Chewed up fingers and fingernails. Disgusting. Next time get someone else to hold the phone or hide your fingers a bit better.

  • trolling187

    this phone should be at $50 dollars, heck even a $100 is already too expensive

  • zzZZzz

    decent price for this phone, but I’m wondering why the BB9900, a phone from May 2011, still retails at 600 instead of 300 or so.

    • Guragon

      I agree with you about the 9900. I would buy one but I am not paying $500+ for it. I’d pay $300 though.

    • A. Carmine

      If you shop on Kijiji, the 9900 are now selling within the $300-$350 price range.

  • Fenrir767

    I personally just find this phone incredibly dated. I mean most Canadian companies are avoiding this phone because they have far to many 9300s still in stock. This is a descent entry level phone but I find it inferior to phones similarly priced by other companies like the One V with koodo.

  • TJ

    Will it work with Wind Mobile after unlocking ? Is it capable of working on the AWS spectrum ?

  • Ron Mexico

    Would this support mobile hotpsot? Be a good deal @$150 if it did.

  • sicsicpuppy

    Pictures taken with another Blackberry .I’ll take 2 /s

  • Nick

    It would be a solid phone for anyone that just wants a talk and text plan. I would much rather have then then another dumb phone. I think that’s the market they are going after.

  • Mark

    RIM did well to bring out a device that will cost $150 outright and has their latest BB OS7 as it may bring in more younger people that like BBM as they could afford it especially after losing or breaking their current phone. The HTC One V at Koodo for $175 outright with ICS on it may have a little talk with that Curve though and try to bully it into not coming outside to play!!