Bell pushing out software update HTC Desire Z owners today, firmware 2.42.666.11



    will this be available for my blackberry device?

  • D. Evil

    It’s official, the Big 3 are working with the evil-est thing ever: the devil himself!

  • tehPr0fess0r

    funny… the update doesnt show up on my DZ running CM9

  • Brent

    I installed the update this morning via OTA, however, after sucessfully upgrading, the home screen is taking a very long time to display. Keeps saying “Loading…” Hopefully just the initial load is taking a while, and then it will be faster. Normally I have to wait a couple of seconds, but this is minutes.

    Others having this issue?

  • Brent

    I was hoping that Bell did away with the Cyberon Voice Dialer, but no such luck, as I have seen it consume over 50MB of RAM memory, and unfortunately, this device doesn’t exactly have memory to spare!

  • Brent

    The homescreen eventually loaded, hopefully that was just a one-time slowness.

    The kernel version was upgraded…
    Mon Jun 13 10:34:37 CST 2011
    Tue Mar 20 20:51:53 CST 2012

    Still Android 2.3.3
    Still HTC Sense 2.1

    • Stuntman

      I noticed the home screen slowness after last year’s update. It took longer to load than on Froyo. It did switch to landscape and back faster than Froyo once loaded.

      I would like to know if you still experience the slow loading of the home screen after opening a few apps. I noticed on my phone that after last year’s GB update, the home screen always takes several seconds to load if I’m in the Market app and then press the home key.

      Thanks for updating us on your experience with the update. I’m a little reluctant to install this update since I feel my phone is working quite well as is. I was hoping for more features like faster loading of the home screen. I recall that this was an issue last year on HTC GB devices. I was actually hoping this update with actually speed up the load time of the home screen.

  • Giest

    Updated as soon as I saw this article. Update went fine and it’s running with no problems. The 666 goes perfect with my Diablo 3 wallpaper. I may never update again. >:D

  • Andrew

    Wait.. Is there still people running the Stock Bell Desire Z?

  • kinwolf

    >tehPr0fess0r Are you using CM9 or a variant? All the latest CM9((beta 6 and more) are so laggy it’s unusable on my DZ.

    • emsee

      much like tehPr0fess0r, I recently upgraded my DZ to CM9 as well (beta8 to be precise). I was coming from a year-long install of CM7.1 (which had uptimes of >2 months!).

      My experience has been pretty flawless so far (surprisingly!), feels really smooth (I’d say even smoother than CM7) and very stable as well. The limited RAM hinders the experience somewhat (launcher/widgets are often reloading, etc) but its a minor nitpick esp. when you consider its 2 yr old tech (ancient in the mobile world!).

      I wouldn’t be able to say why your device is laggy… is it laggy from the get-go (stock beta8 installation) or only after loading it up with apps?

  • habskilla

    Updated with no issues.

    From market to home screen still takes a while to load.

  • Outburst

    I’ve been on CM9 since it was released and am happy with it. Without it, Sense and the bloatware would make waiting until November when my contract is up quite unbearable.

  • Danny

    HEY BELL/VIRGIN… WHERE THE HELL IS OUR UPDATE FOR ICE CREAM SANDWICH??? Monopoly among the “BIG 3” in Canada is such a wonderful thing!!!

  • michelle moore

    I still haven’t had my update neather , been waiting over a year now .

  • ShadowFist23

    Just bought a Bell Desire Z last week, tried to root the darn thing this weekend and seem to be stuck. I don’t suppose anyone could point to the best method to use? (You could email me @gmail.) I’m keen to try Cyanogen…

  • tudorama

    Phone is freezing 3 times a day since 666 update. We have to go back, Kate!

  • michelle moore

    im wondering if we are going to get this update what was ment tyo be out on the 31st of may 2012 , as i havent still reseaved it as i have been wiating for a very long while can any help me one this one , i have the htc desire z 2.3.3