Motorola RAZR Android 4.0 update shown off, looks closer to stock than any other OEM


  • Rob

    It must be January 2012, isn’t that when the 4.0 software was originally supposed to be ready for the RAZR? Motorola really needs to work on getting back into the game and staying on track with what they say to consumers. Lets hope the Google take over will help.

    Hopefully it will be a decent rollout as they should have had sufficient time to work out any issues. I have no issues with my RAZR so far, everything just works, no complaints.

  • Jamie

    It’s about time!
    But now with Motorola and google’s partnership, I think Motorola devices will be getting updates before most brands, so maybe the wait was worth it

  • EvanKr

    I personally don’t mind skins; permitting that they don’t bog the system down.

    The skin that HTC uses I’m fine with as they’ve optimized the One X/S/V’s hardware to work well with it, and give a lag free experience without fragmentation. Whether it’s change for change sake, or it’s actually a skin that’s making it more usable, I don’t care as long as it’s not slowing down the phone.

  • shaggyskunk

    Too bad that Google didn’t buy rogers. ^_^

  • JL

    Very nice. Stock ICS with software improvements like Smart Actions (which is a feature that should be on every phone!) and Motocast are great ways of keeping Android UI what Google wants it to be but allowing companies to differentiate is cool.

    Hopefully with stuff like S Voice, S Beam, Kies Air, Face recognition for locking your phone etc. on the Galaxy S3 that companies mess less with Stock Android and add features on top instead as their means of differentiation.

  • poopoo

    Good on Motorola! Props to them! Koodos Moto! Yippie ki yay!

    They’re listening to users.

    Too bad Samsung is pretty much synonomous to Android. I honestly wouldn’t buy or trust any other manufacturers Android device other than Samsung. Here’s the order of major manufacturers I would buy from Samsung > HTC > Motorola > LG

  • Osman

    Google Plus = Goo-Guru Prus-u.


  • Deli

    Sorry Motorola, Q3 is way too late. You lost me with you slow updates, especially with the Atrix last year. Samsung and maybe HTC for me now.

  • Graham

    Smart move by moto. By just skinning the icons and keeping the builds relatively stock they will be able to beat the other OEM’s on updates.