LG Optimus 2X upgrade to ICS looks like it’ll be available in Q3


  • WhoCares

    LG sucks!

    • 800Mhz@gmail.com

      The phone has good hardware but due to its price the developing comunity is small and if you depent on Operators,LG to release ICS you might as well wait until September or October, wait!

      Just another reason to either buy Samsung (not because they are great or Samsung updates on time, but because the developer community is big and upgrades come sooner) or a google phone.

      Nexus S with ICS and LG optimus 2x (way better hardware) sell for the same price in Kijiji.

    • 800Mhz@gmail.com

      I like getting Flagship phones-one yr later, I thnk that;s the best value for the buck and the development and software gets as good as it can be.

      Have a Galaxy S with ICS that is pretty much unbrickable, running at 1.4Ghz with amazing battery life.

      Waiting two months for the Galaxy S3 to arrive, the S2 prices will drop and will upgrade then (S3 goes for $350 used and unlocked) accesories for those phones in amazon go at clearance prices too; its a win win!
      You then just spend the saving buying apps from the market.

  • Sean

    They really do suck!

  • ASH

    hey Bell, where is my ICS upgrade. My Glaxay Note can’t wait any longer!

    • Jay

      @Ash: Your first mistake was getting it from Bell. Your second was expecting them to do something after the sale. Good luck!

  • Darryl

    @Ian… Wind does not carry the LG Optimus 2X it carries the LG G2X that it calls the LG Optimus 2X. So don’t get your hopes up! Those with this Wind version may have to rely on XDA Developers for ICS love.

    • riiiiiggght

      your revelation just broke Alex Perrier’s heart. Looks like he won’t be having any wet dreams about WIND being the best at EVERYTHING tonight 🙁

  • tinman

    I truly hope that ics will cure the damn laggyness of this phone because the 2x is really is a good phone in terms of size and specs. if ics doesn’t improve this phone then hello atrix 3!

  • hawk

    They will never update this phone LG is all talk and slipping dates. By the time IF ICS update is truly available (big IF) the phone hardware will be obsolete. Best option is root and load custom Rom

    • Ron Mexico

      I was one of the unlucky ones to buy a Wind Optimus 2X, was my first and last LG product I’ll ever buy. After sales support does not exist at LG.

  • haha

    I’m already running ICS on my Canadian G2x 😀

  • Brian

    I’m debating whether to get this phone or the Lumia 710..

    • GS3

      Get a used Samsung Galaxy 3, the hardware is still decent, you can overclock it if you need to, tons of support and accessories, ICS super stable right now and the next version of android will be available for that phone by the fall.

      Oh and great re sellign value!

  • wewewi

    Ok, they definately suck.

    That being said, when the update finally comes, the Optimus 2X will be the only one to have started with FroYo then havin it updated all the way up to ICS.

  • trolling187

    I would rather have a iphone than a LG phone, LG sucks!!

  • Omis

    LG is a terrible company. Never buying anything from them again.

  • Fiffy

    This is good news for those of us on the G2X – not because I have any faith in LG delivering upgrades for a discontinued phone – but because the XDA community can bash it into something resembling proper ICS for our phone!

  • DRI

    I have a LG Optimus LTE. It’s an amazing phone, one of the best I have had (even over Samsung). As for the ICS update, I believe that if something works, don’t fix it. I will not be taking advantage of the upgrade.

    • Eric

      so when ICS comes out offically for the Optimus LTE you plan on staying at gingerbread???

  • Dustin

    Winning these contests are impossible 🙁

    • Dustin

      wow fail, i opened a different post, and it opened this one

  • Arne Hermansen

    Do like me, bary youself a Samsung S 3 and be happy. I never look back to LG……………