RIM and Mippin announce the “BlackBerry App Generator,” build BlackBerry apps within 10 minutes


  • John K.

    Great news! I was wondering what would happen to current apps available on BlackBerry phones…this answers my question!

  • Andy

    Didn’t Google try this, failed, discontinued and open sourced it?

    • Tom

      Yes, though the definition of ‘failed’ is uncertain. Many people loved their App Inventor, but it got cut in the drive to focus on core products. It is now hosted and run by MIT (I think).

      But many other companies are still working on simple app generators for mobile platforms.

  • Terry

    If this lets developers put in ad support from companies like Google, then I can see this being used a lot.

  • Mitchell

    I wanna know how Mippin makes money. They don’t do things for free they are a business and if you make a app ands its free (which i think they said it was) then how do they make money? Is it from sales (%) or ads? Pay for help? I think this would be good but i need to see how they are going to make cash before I sign the waver form.

  • Roy

    10 minutes or less huh? Sounds like some high quality apps will be coming down the pipe shortly. I got dibs on the flashlight and mirror app.

  • Sid

    I’m a developer myself and would say that most app generators suck. They suck very bad.

    It’s like people using Conduit for building apps.

  • Vlad

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