HTC One V dummy devices trickle into Bell, prepares itself for May 3rd launch


  • TheywillbepisSes

    Considering bell’s cheapest plan is $30 with no data, i dont think it will sell well

  • Plav


  • hinds

    Its a nice device to buy outright,unlock and the unibody design.

  • goose

    that bezel is in iphone territory for size

  • Mike

    Does the chin make holding the phone sideways uncomfortable?

  • no

    The Chin completely ruins it for me lol.

  • trojjanhorse

    The HTC Hero looked better :s

  • jepoy

    One S please!!

    • ToniCipriani

      Need something big to compensate for something?

  • Nikos

    It’s pretty much the HTC Legend but a bit thinner

    • Nikos

      Body wise anyway

  • more mah

    That chin is a dealbreaker 4 me. Fail.

  • Gian Verster

    Prepaid it now ma belle

  • jon_d0e1

    i want to buy this on launch.. will there be any lineups? should i just preorder? hopefully they have enough stock for the demand.

    • anonymous2

      I don’t you if you’re kidding but no, there won’t be lineups

  • Francis

    Looks very good for the price ! 😉