Bell HTC One V launching May 3rd


  • Jimmy

    How’s battery life? HTC Exec said that they claim people like thinness over battery life on HTC phones…

  • COB

    I really hope the HTC One S launches that day too, I really need a new phone….

  • Alex Perrier

    i am led to think that “HTC One V” stand for “HTC One Value” or “HTC One Virgin.” Watch out, LG Optimus Black and Samsung Exhibit II 4G!

    This is excellent news! An Android 4.0 device under $300 with an FM radio and similar specs to the Exhibit II! Maybe this will let me finally take Ice Cream Sandwich for a spin! 🙂

    • Alex Perrier

      re: “Virgin”, it looks like only Virgin Mobile USA will be getting the One V, and not Virgin Mobile Canada at the moment. Sorry for the misinformation! Isn’t this supposed to be a prepaid-friendly device, however? i guess Virgin Canada has changed a lot over the years.

  • Sean

    I’m really glad they are keeping it under $300 though that probably means $299.99 Hopefully they price it like the Lumia 710 with decent prices as well as not requiring a data plan. If so I might be upgrading my parents to this from an optimus one

  • Max

    If this phone is really under $300, and it’s coming to Telus, it would be a great phone for Koodo.

  • Dan

    Would you get this, the Optimus Black (4.0 update promised), or the Lumia 710? All in the 250-300 price range outright.

    • COB

      I’d say the One V because I like sense, I read some reviews and this phone seems to run very smooth and what not..

    • midrange

      Considering the:
      Virgin Samsung W-$199 Cheap Widnd and big 3 compatible
      Koodo Optimus Black -$250 sec Camera 4″ ICS
      Rogers Lumia 710- $255- cheapest Windows phone now

      This phone better comes up at $250!
      $300 is too high for a phone with 3.7″ and no Sec camera.
      Hopefully there is some competition and either Bell prices it at $249, while TELUS puts it a $499…to compete with the Lumia 800! Telus has the most expensive phones in Canada, If I were HTC I wouldnt give any of my phones to TELUS!

  • areularonhofo

    Lumia 710! Great little phone. Smooth OS/good reception/nice screen/better than average battery life/guaranteed up-dates. May not be the prettiest phone out there, however solid/durable and does what it’s supposed to out of the box.


    would this be smartphone lite ? cuz this phone is bad (in terms of the processor and ram) but its a good midrange phone

  • Handheld Addict

    It should also be mentioned that the HTC One V has a micro SD card slot. And I think it takes a regular sized sim card too.

  • midrange

    Yep, The One V is between the Samsung Ace -$150
    which has less memory, 3.5 ” instead of 3.7″ and smaller battery ……
    And the $250 Optimus black which has 4″ and secondary camera.
    If they put the V at $250 I would consider it, otherwise you might go with $350 phone.

  • wewewi

    Bell gets the One V and the Galaxy S II HD while Rogers gets the One X and the Xperia S?

    First time I see Bell owned that much.

    • COB

      Keep in mind Bell also gets the One S

  • toopy binoo

    I’m more interested to know when One S is coming out.

  • GP

    Yeah, I’m waiting on the One S as well.

  • more mah

    Garbage battery life.

  • Maria Dec

    thinking of buying out One X from rogers and unlocking it to use on telus. my plan is one of those granfather plans and I REALLY do NOT want to lose any of my unlimited features. What do you guys think? i know the cost is high, but i dont what to mess with my plan. and no one is willing to match it. i hate cell phone corps!

  • Gary

    I’m actually surprised its not going to Virgin, it seems like it would do really well there

  • Jordi

    Ok the LG new Ok the LG new chocolate is aavllabie in canada through telus. This phone does not live up to its web advertisement, it realy is long and thin. Kinda like a european model who needs a meal. It may be more powerfull than I Phone however it does not come close to the functionality and practicallity of the I phone. IT REALY SUCKS ..