Eastlink shows off new look, still mum on wireless rollout


  • TestMe


  • Pata

    Maybe now Eastlink will finally update their horrendous digital TV UI to resemble something that was designed in the last decade.

  • Alex Perrier

    As long as they’re a much better value than Vidéotron Mobile, i’m happy.

  • Mark

    I’d have to wait and see what people say about coverage and signal strength before being sure about switching. But being an Eastlink customer already it would be nice to save a little bit on a bundle.

  • Matt

    Hummm… Bell has had a quad play bundle for years now.

    • neil

      Umm… where?

    • scotiaguy

      you cannot bundle a quad play with bell.. best they will do is give you a 5.00 credit if you have home tel with them

  • Adam

    Would they be a PCS or an AWS carrier? PCS would be great, meaning big-3 customers might finally get decent roaming options in the maritime provinces.

    • neil

      AWS, via wikipedia “During the 2008 Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) auction Halifax-based Bragg Communications paid $25 million and won 19 licences (located in Atlantic Canada, Northern and Southern Ontario and Grand Prairie).”

  • unlockedcdn

    Well they have job openings (as per their career site), so it won’t be long…