Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Hands-on (Video)


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  • Abe

    Yeah i wouldnt pay anymore then $300 before tax for this. Im sure its a nice tablet though.

    • PkaTka1

      looks ok. wouldn’t buy it though.

  • AhCup

    When many Terga2 10.1″ Android tablet drop price to around $350, why will anyone buy this?

  • Matt

    TouchWiz is really a killer in here. A Motorolla Xoom is just so much smoother. Just go to Futureshop and flip around the homescreens on a Xoom and the Galaxy Tab and you’ll see a world of difference.

  • Mike Neufeld

    so many better spec’d tablets for the same price – ill pass…

  • Big 3

    Out of all the tablets, the 1st one(P1000) is still the best one since it’s a smartphone(talk/text capabilities) and it has real buttons so you can escape from “frozen situations” easily without waiting for the tablet to “unbrick” or giving you delays.

  • Tom

    Wow, lots of negative comments here.

    But this phone is so much lighter and more portable then the 10″ tablets you are comparing it to – I think this tablet would be a great portable companion.

    The biggest problem with this is TouchWiz and the danger that it will never get ICS. Thankfully, Daniel has done some research for us and it sounds like CM will solve both those problems.

    So this would be a great choice for those looking for portability and who have the inclination to use CM.

  • Rich

    Waiting on Nexus Tablet~

  • Djami

    Still waiting on the Tab 7.7″, whose Canadian release was announced back in January…

  • Greg

    I picked one up at Best Buy last week and right away noticed a crack in the silver plastic border in two corners. Poor build quality and hard to hold. Almost dropped it a few times.
    Also, Honeycomb on a 7″ screen is too small. The task bar takes up too much of the screen all the time.
    Returned it the next day.

    My PlayBook is a much better 7″ tablet.
    My 10.1 Transformer is a much better Honeycomb tablet.
    My iPad 3 is not to shabby either.

  • Jim Shorts

    -1 from lack of cellular network support. This is a step back from the original GTab.

    I have the original GTab with a WIND SIM and enjoy that I am able to (among other things)send & receive SMS notifications and also turn it into a wireless hotspot. The battery life on the GTab is great for that.

    They were able to do it with the Note, I don’t understand why they took cellular support out of this one.

  • iamkennypowers

    get a playbook. meow

  • Mike

    Already going for $299 on Best Buy’s website, bought my wife one last week for her birthday. Seems to be the best 7 inch for the price, and comparing it to 10 inch tablets like some here in the comments is like comparing a full size truck to a sports coupe; different class and purpose.

  • jimmy

    Thought this was the new Note when I saw the picture. A phone really needs to be bigger than 5 inches. I read that Samsung is going to introduce the Note 10.1, which is really what a phone should be. Seven inches might be acceptable in the meantime.