Asus to provide free GPS dongle to beleaguered Transformer Prime owners


  • Studystand

    Asus really messed up with this one. The people do not want a gps Dongle, they want their product to function as advertised.

    • SAM

      GO SAMMIE!!

  • josh

    I’m starting to be more

  • josh

    impressed by Asus more and more because they are on top of their game by updating their products constantly! Thank you Asus! Oh, and “Studystand” is an i***t and has no clue what he’s talking about, so don’t listen to his stupid comments!

    • Studystand

      I have no clue what i’m talking about, really? When the Asus Transformer Prime was released GPS was an advertised selling feature. Now don’t get me wrong, I love ASUS (currently typing this from my ASUS laptop) but I expect that if i’m purchasing a product for $500+, it’s advertised features better be working. Kudos to them for admitting the issue and releasing a fix (even if it is a hardware fix) but it’s still disappointing.

  • baconeater

    A dongle? What else have they left out? Hopefully the Google tablet has a bit more thought.

    • Edward Szklar

      Well the Google tablet will be made by ASUS (the former MeMO 370T) so let’s hope…..

  • Nick

    Good job Asus! Most companies would have denied the existence of a problem or said customers were holding it wrong. It’s not like most people use their tablets as GPS in the car.

    It’s a kickass tablet, and my respect for Asus has only gone up for the way they’ve addressed a problem most people didn’t know existed.

  • Sub-Joker

    Very respectable step from Asus. When samsung had a GPS problem with the galaxy S series they didn’t do much about it. When Apple had connectivity problems, they blamed the user first then gave away a 5 dollar case.

    These are just two small examples of how any other company might have acted towards such an issue. Great job Asus

  • PkaTka1

    I can’t believe what I am reading. You guys must be die hard fandroids. Asus messed up and you guys are still giving it good comments. When Apple messed up it was on the news for 3 months straight.

    • JR

      The difference is that Apple was on the new DENYING the whole problem. The device sold in record numbers despite the problem, flying off the shelves and right into the pockets of Apple fans everywhere. So, where is the problem with acknowledging that A) ASUS is doing a good job of addressing the issue and B)Admitting that the issue actually does exist.

      Not too often that a company goes this far out of their way to support their products, fanboy, fandroid, ifan or whatever, facts are facts.

    • Sub-Joker

      how many times did you use your tablet as a GPS unit??

      on the other hand, how many times do you use your phone to talk?? I don’t know about you, but I do talk quite often on my phone. that’s why apple was being bashed when antennagate happened. when you can’t use a phone to talk what’s the point of having it.

  • wymers24

    Asus is a much better company than apple. They admitted the mistake right from the git go and continues to try and improve it. Many company’s would just abandon this tablet. Apple would deny problems like this because while some may say other, this is a very very small problem and only affects about %2 of the owners. Apple has a bad history of problems like this

  • Negative Ned

    Dongle? Is this 1999? Props to Asus for solving the problem, but I’m glad I never bought a prime. I’ll wait for the google tablet.

  • Chris Manchur

    I bought my Prime, and I’m loyal to it, because it has never failed me where it was needed most. Go ahead blame the product, but one item does not define a company. Apple has had how many problems with their devices? *Attenagate*, iPad’s heating issues of the battery, and of course, the data-draining issue with the 4S. All I’m saying is that no product is perfect, and sometimes the best solution is the easiest one. Kudos Asus, can’t wait to get my dongle so I can use my tablet as a dashboard in my vehicle, 🙂

  • AhCup

    +1 to ASUS. Greet job trying to make things right.Die hard ASUS fan here. =D

  • Paul

    It would have been better to fix the problem and give the owners new tablets?

  • The_Salesman

    Aaaaaand that’s why you always wait a bit to buy any new product.

  • Wilde

    I’m glad I decided to wait on getting a Prime. I’ll pick up a proper one when it’s released.

  • Dylan K

    Good job on Asus for addressing a problem and offering a simple solution. A friend of mine always nit-picked about the GPS on his Prime.

    Sucks they couldn’t make it work with software though.

  • Francois

    Good reaction from Asus. I wonder if we will be still able to dock the keyboard when the gps dongle sits in place?

  • Edward Szklar

    Could ASUS just not replace the all-metal back of the Prime?

  • lol

    whats wrong with google built in navigation?

  • MeToo

    Another great product by Asus. I love mine. It is one of the best digital picture frames on the market.

  • josh

    Dongle! lol, im glad i cancelled my pre-order with amazon before it arrived.

    im waiting for the Google tablet.

  • Howard

    What’s the slightly modified version of hardware containing better wifi?