Asus to provide free GPS dongle to beleaguered Transformer Prime owners

The Asus Transformer Prime has had its share of performance problems since launch, including spotty WiFi and GPS coverage. While several software updates have been issued to overcome the first problem, spotty GPS has been harder to tackle. To that end, Asus will be offering a dongle to users at no cost.

An email sent from a company representative to a user who had returned his Transformer Prime states that there is an updated hardware version coming with a slightly modified antenna design to ensure better WiFi. As for GPS, “[the] dongle will be provided for free when it arrives. ETA is mid April for this and we are setting up a process for it. We will inform you once the process is complete and the dongles here. It will look similar to the hinge from the dock. Where it will be a flush fit on the bottom of the unit if held in landscape matching the color of your Prime chassis.”

ASUS will be announcing detailed plans of how Transformer owners can order the dongle on April 16th. Asus confirmed to AllThingsD that “It needs around two weeks for the shipping after registration online.

We’ll let you know when and how you can order this GPS dongle as soon as it becomes available.

Via: XDA-Developers