BlackBerry App World has over 70,000 apps

The surge in apps within RIM’s BlackBerry App World could have been the recent promotion that gave developers a free 16GB PlayBook for every new app they submitted. This saw over over 1,500 app submissions and over 6,600 new developers.

Last month RIM stated the BlackBerry App World had over 60,000 apps, saw over 174 million apps downloaded every month, 6 million app downloads per day, over 2 billion app downloads to date, plus that it’s available in 164 markets around the world. Yesterday RIM’s Developer Relations team held a HTML5 hackathon at Pace University in New York City and declared some new stats for the App World.

Nothing groundbreaking, but glad to see progress. Apparently RIM now has over 70,000 available apps. over 2 billion app downloads to date, seeing 6 million downloads per day and growing, 177 million app downloads every month. Good stats for a company some are calling dead. RIM has always stated they are looking to have quality apps versus quantity.

Comparing to other app stores, Apple’s App Store has over 585,000 available apps, the Google Play Store has over the 450,000 available apps, Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace just crossed over the 70,000 app mark… so it looks like Windows Phone and BlackBerry are tied for 3rd place.

RIM is preparing to reveal their upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS in May at BlackBerry World. This will – hopefully – bring a new life to the company. In addition, their BlackBerry 10 smartphones are still on track to be released “in the latter part of 2012.”

Source: Twitter
Via: N4BB