Zite for Android arrives to personalize your news

Zite may not be Flipboard, but for Android users looking for a beautiful and smart news reader, it’s the best we have. Purchased by CNN last year for a tidy sum, Zite uses algorithms, in addition to culling content from your Twitter and Google Reader feeds, to produce what they call a digital magazine.

In truth, it works quite well, and certainly provides more relevant content than your average news consolidator. There are a number of curated sections from photography to motorcycles, and the more you interact with each one (you can up- or down-vote articles) the better Zite gets at dishing out what it thinks is its best material for you.

I’ve been looking for such a news app for my Galaxy Nexus for a while now, and I think that Zite fits the bill pretty well. There are other great apps for the platform — Pulse Reader is my other go-to, and looks a lot better than Zite — but I think I’ll start using Zite quite regularly now.

The company says the app is not yet optimized for tablets, though that functionality is coming soon (sounds familiar) but if you’re satisfied with an app that works pretty much identically to the iPhone version, you should be satisfied.

Check it out in Google Play.

Via: TechCrunch