BlackBerry Curve 9220 specs detailed, shipping with BlackBerry 7.1


  • RIMlover


    • DataPlan

      They will be limited edition and they will be engraved with “Sorry-Désolé” & autographed by Jim Ballsillie. They will be wrapped in a pink-slip, ahem packaging.

      The Swarosky edition is coming in June

      Porche Edition in July

      Pink Edition (its not a different color,is an edition) August

    • 9300

      Bestbuy has the Fido 9300 prepaid for $129.99 NOW, and it was $99 two weeks ago, so the 9220 should retail for the equiv of $80 at the most.

      The thing is the more expensive RIM ships it out, the more “revenue” they declare, even if they don’t sell.

  • Betty Koyle

    Offer just BBM/twitter for $10/month and I’ll take one

    • Alex Perrier

      Nice points, Betty. What you’re looking for is BlackBerry Social. It costs anywhere from $5/month (WIND, maybe Mobilicity) to $20/month (Big 3 prepaid).

      i would say make it cheap at $5. That way, Chatr can offer unlimited talk, text and social Internet for only $40/month. The phones can only be used with Rogers-based providers, even in Canada, so getting those GSM/EDGE phones would be smart. That is a good retention deal to encourage customers to stay.

  • Rob

    2G Edge ONLY data connection? Are you kidding me?
    That doesn’t even qualify as a low end device, it’s an extinct device. Geez RIM

    • DataPlan

      Just be greatful they didn’t re-released the 8530 (CDMA) with double the RAM for $249 (or free on 3yr contract with min $50)

      If this phone is more than $80 it will be a FAIL.

  • gjac0m

    EDGE? Really? We have some really low cost LTE phones for a while. It should have been 3G.

  • BurntPixels

    Seems like a decent, basic QWERTY phone.

    Haters gonna hate.

  • Spikedlemon

    The Curve was already a low-spec phone.

  • GD

    It is more than obvious that this device is destined for asia and other developing countries. Not sure what is so hard to understand about that. Indonesians will like this.

  • DataPlan

    RIM declares earnings after SHIPPING the phones, that’ why you hear about 500,000 playbooks SHIPPED, but you can still find them everywhere at $150.

    The logical thing to do would be to drop the price of the 9300 (25% off in India) out there to $99 Globally and sell them like BB pankakes, instead the “create” a new 9300 ( double the RAM of the 9300 but no GPS, and include a GSM-only Radio) all in all same cost of manufaturing but will ship it to operators and declare earnings; they need to do this to stop the bleeding and to try to make it to October, when they start selling BB10 phones.

    • BB King

      Show me ONE retailer that has Playbooks for $150 CDN or even USD……….. LOVE to see it!

  • gjac0m

    What the f**k is this supposed to be? why are they wasting their time on that? Where is BlackBerry 10? Why are they focusing on such crappy low end devices while they could invest that time on BlackBerry 10 devices? BlackBerry market shares are invisible. Do they really think that devices like this are going to put them back on track? RIM, don’t cry when you’ll be forced to close, you’re looking for it.

    • JHK1984

      Because all the rich people in north america, Europe and eastern Asia (Korea and Japan) already have the iPhones and Galaxies, whereas the not-so-rich people in other parts of the world still needs a cell phone that doesn’t cost $800 bucks or a 3 years of commitment.
      They can still make money by selling cheap phones to lots of people.
      It’s like collecting a penny from a million people, you have a million bucks there.

    • NoAccountability

      “It’s like collecting a penny from a million people, you have a million bucks there.”
      -No you don’t, you have $10,000 bet we got yor point.
      -I think we all agree.

      The problem is:
      High end market is dominated by apple and flagship androids.
      Mid range: Android, olde iphones and maybe BBs
      Entry level: Sub $100 3.2″ screen androids and Nokia( Symbians with dual SIM card)

      add to that the fact that only people with BB devices are getting another one and that explains the reduction in sales of 20% in the BEST QUARTER of the year! when their OS7 devices were new, so you can imagina how was Q1 which is a slow Q by definition and the why they just decided to stop the financial guidance from now on.

      You are right even $10,000 dollars would be good, since they lost $250 million in the Q.

  • DataPlan

    OS7 minimum requirement is 512MB RAM, so they took the 9300 put 256MB extra in RAM (costs money) removed the HSPA radio (saves money),took away the GPS module (saves money) and ta da! brand new OS7 device!
    “The first Curve running OS7”

    This is the problem with RIM:
    The 9220 from April 2012 its almost identical to the 8520 from August 2009, with double the RAM.
    They better sell the 9220 for $80 bucks!
    Research in Backwards Motion!

  • Alex Perrier

    People, the GSM/EDGE only radios in the 9220 cuts the cost down a bit. Hopefully RIM is smart and sells its phones in the following ranges:
    * 9220: not a penny over $99 (and even that is a lot; the 9300 is often at that price; BB 7 is meh, but don’t overprice it to promote 7 versus 6 or older)
    * 9300: $150 at the very most, but clear out this dinosaur ASAP (people buy it, especially with gift cards and prepaid bonuses; Fido has this at $130, Rogers apparently sells it for $99)
    * 9360/9380: $300 (let alone $350) is quite steep (so add subsidies or discounts, such as the $50 off at Mobilicity; closer to $200 would be better to encourage BB7 adoption)
    * 9790: $400 at the very most (see 9360/9380), but closer to $300 would be a welcome change
    * 9810/9860: $500 at the very most; anything over that won’t work; crazy and perhaps desperate how Mobilicity sold this at $300 before discontinuing it
    * 9900: top of the line phone is steep at $600, so i’m happy to see this phone being discounted.

    i want to see any BlackBerry without BB 7 GONE. They shouldn’t be sold new at retail anymore.

  • JB

    This is the 8520.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    As a Canadian, the demise of RIM makes me sad.

  • BB9700

    If they can put 7.1 on this device then surely 7.1 would be able to go onto the 9780. They just choose not to put it there.

  • Chris

    Why didn’t they just stick in a more powerful CPU and keep the storage/memory the same? At least have it perform better. It doesn’t cost that much more.

  • Terry

    FYI, the Crackberry link shows this device having EDGE, GPRS and GSM, not just EDGE.

  • Susan Wong

    @terry – GRPS is just the slower EDGE network…. and GSM is the cellular network

  • BBSux

    Rim, please pay me to get rid of all your Blackberries. I know a really good dump site in Canada.

  • EvanKr


    News flash, RIM, nobody cares! If you really want to get back customers and gain sales, then stop releasing the same mediocre product over and over again with minimal upgrades, and bring us BB10!

  • nauman

    Guys this device is not marketed for NA. It was even mentioned on the call this was for the APAC region.

    Most countries are still on EDGE and even then it is really slow. This phone will sell well there, especially since the teens want a cheap phone for messaging.

    I just got back from Pakistan and you can get a BBM social plan, which includes all IM clients and browsing for $3.80 and if you want unlimited data as well as FB etc it jumps to $5.40 a month.

  • kevin

    My daughter has a 9300 I picked up for $150 on sale. She is happy to have a smart phone as opposed to a cheapo Samsung and I can BBM here all day. Blackberry Basic service is $10/mo

    • JHK1984

      cheapo samsung…?
      I think you are a cheapo for buying your daughter a BB and bragging that you got her a smartphone… geez..

  • Susan Wong

    This needs to be priced at $99

    -Sent from my BlackBerry® Style™ 9670

  • Ja Rule

    @Alex Perrier

    Stop posting, you tool.

    • JL


  • Bukovian Smorzhee

    who cares? Rim is dead.

  • really RIM

    This is so not fair! RIM said that OS 7 will not be updated for the Blackberry 6 devices because it would be laggy and slow, and now a new 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM device, same as blackberry 6 devices, will be sold with 7.1 OS, REALLY?! And that is why you are failing RIM, sorry.

  • LOL

    More of the same. **** you RIM.

  • iamkennypowers

    if this phone is priced around 100 bucks it will sell like hot cakes ! rim is smart for making this phone because people who couldnt afford blackberry now will be able to have one. I know it may be hard for you android and iphone nerds to understand but in this day and age 90% of people only care about name brands and to most people specs mean sh** as long as the phone looks nice. thats why this phone will sell like crazy.

  • Bukovian Smorzhee

    @jhk1984 a penny from a million people is only $10,000. Not a million. Companies never win price wars – it only results in mutually assured destruction. The only way to win is to innovate.

    • JHK1984

      You are so right about $10,000.
      It’s Friday, and I’ve worked 44 hours this week…

      About price wars leading to mutual destruction of companies – this is actually good for us consumers, isn’t it?
      Unless you work for one of the big 3’s…

  • Cieb

    Typical consumer market… Demanding cheaper phones, RIM steps it up and answers with an entry level BB at an affordable price, and all you do is complain… LOL

  • Jake

    Thumbs up to RIM for offering a choice in phones…
    Unlike Apple’s one-size-fits-all mentality.

  • Bukovian Smorzhee

    Earth to rim: give up on bb10. Sell bbm & bes & your patents to the highest bidder.

  • joseph Niagara

    Great…this piece of c**p gets OS 7.1 and my Curve 9300 is stuck at 6.0. RIM will make this junk phone and put the latest OS on it. Stop making rehash phones from 3 year old parts RIM. Wake up before its too late.