TELUS comes out with a new Data Flex Plan for tablets promo


  • David

    Wow, even if only for 2 months.

  • Tom

    Flex plans are great. These are crap.

  • Ender

    Wow I was undecided if I needed an LTE model or not but this might sway me towards LTE.

  • the wise one

    Who would choose up to 10 MB for five dollars -_-

  • 5 MB?!?!?!

    5MB?!?!? Really…What’s that like 1/2 a page? Seems like it’s a bit misleading…

  • Matthew

    I think it’s more so for those that don’t use data every month. I don’t use my iPad data that much tbh, mainly WiFi from home. For months with no usage, I don’t mind paying $5 for an active SIM. I sure as hell don’t want to be paying $20 or $35 if I don’t use the data at all though.

    Haven’t decided if I’m grabbing the new iPad yet, if I do I may just grab this so long as it stays flex.

  • cell phone gal

    For those of you who are confused…. the customer will activate of the flex plan for $5 which would normally get them 10mb then bump to $10 for 100mb then $20 for 500mb then $35 for 5gb. The promotion means that even if they use 5GB of data they will only pay $5 for the first 2 months.

  • Owl

    It flexes to your usage. This is great! Some months I dont use my tablet.

  • Owl

    Also there is no commitment so you can cancel after 2 months…

  • lighter

    This a on again off again plan. … Had this since last year

  • Highdefiniasian

    This is pretty decent. 2 months of basically unlimited data is a great deal for $5. I have an iPhone so I can just hotspot off of that since everywhere I’d go with an iPad I’d have data from my iPhone. Still, this isnt a bad deal since its really only “pay for what you use” aside from the $5 fee. Good job. Now to wait for Robellers to follow.

  • Ron

    Whiners will whine… I’m all for lower prices but in reality for LTE I’m all over this and I think it’s a good deal based on our Canadian market size compared to the rest of the world. I’ll be signing up tomorrow. Thanks Telus, keep it up!

  • Jim

    How predictable Telus that before the iPad launches you come up with this new plan. Rogers and Bell will follow as well like sheeps.

    • Matt

      Erm, Bell and Virgin both announced this a while ago, not sure if they have the same deal on the first two though.

  • bummy

    So does the “monthly fee” mean “system access fee”?

    $5 (monthly fee) + $5 (first 10mb) = $10 + tax + grrf

  • Accophox

    Bummy: iirc, Telus isn’t Rogers in that it doesn’t charge that stupid “government” fee. But it’s likely that you’re spot on otherwise. 20 + tax for 2 months of unlimited data service… on a tablet… with LTE… that can probably be shared via hotspot.

    Sounds not too bad when it’s put that way. Aside from the 650 buy of a ipad3.

    • Jorden

      It states right in the second table you’re only charged $5

  • Jeremy D

    I’m confused… it says Telus came out with something new…

    New as in Telus didn’t have it before?

    I’m pretty sure you can have the same from Bell or Rogers and it’s sad that you have 3 big telcos that mirror each other to the point customers start calling them robelus.

    • Jorden

      New as in there’s a new promotion. Telus has had the plan for a while, the NEW part of it is the fact that regardless of how much data you use, they’ll only charge you $5 for the first two months.

  • Mike

    Can you cancel the plan after 2 months?