It’s possible to MAXXimize the battery life on your Motorola RAZR


  • JB

    I’m doing this yesterday. Now where do I find one of those batteries and MAXX covers?


    by the galaxy note and you don’t need to do all this



  • Apple4Life

    ez, Cut the door off?


    • Kennedyk24

      do you know what a battery door is apple4life? I guess you can’t put in a bigger one eh?

  • Someguy

    People use Motorola phones. Huh.

  • leobg

    Neat! I am still questioning RAZR’s thinness because of that hump at the top – what’s the point of that gap/arch at the back – fill it up with something useful like battery.

    Isn’t gonna be long and we will see “upgrade kits” popping on eBay. I’m sure they will provide replacement sim door too.

  • uranus

    Can’t we just get the razr maxx in Canada so we don’t have to go through this? Robellus is incompetent if they can get the razr maxx right now!

  • uranus

    If someone could invent a battery that is the same size as existing batteries but is double the capacity, they would be rich.

  • Kid.Canada

    @Uranus – The razr maxx is CDMA only which explains why it’s a Verizon only phone and last I checked, Telus no longer activates CDMA phones which means Telus would never get it. Kapeesh?

  • Superfly

    @kid……. how is michelle doing uncle jessie?

  • Uranus

    @Kid Thanks for clearing that up.

    Further research has shown that Razr Maxx is LTE 700 MHz Class 13.

    Thanks to the Canadian government’s failure to allocate 700Mhz, the RAZR maxx couldn’t do LTE in Canada.

    Its fallback is CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, which is provided by Bell, but I haven’t seen Bell sell any new CDMA devices. Perhaps Bell wants to phase out CDMA?

    So by the time the providers get a licence to do 700Mhz, and set up the towers accordingly, it will be 2013 and the Razr Maxx will be obsolete.

    If WIND gets some 700Mhz spectrum they might sell the phone if they are still making them in 2013.

    Bottom line is I want greater battery life, and I hope someone invents a same size replacement battery for the Atrix that has double the capacity and won’t require a new cover.

    • waterman

      bell is offering LTE in canada, why not razr maxx?

  • garry

    I want it! I want it now!
    Shut up and take my money!

  • waterman

    bell has lte in canada why not razr maxx?