Samsung announces the Galaxy Beam and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1-inch


  • whocares

    garbage, first btw!

  • TouchMyBox

    Hoping they have a more impressive tablet to announce in the next two months, this isn’t going to sway anybody from the Transformer Prime.

  • Cell Hell

    The beam sounds interesting. I don’t imagine the quality of the projected image will be that good, but I’m curious to find out.

  • Rooney

    I dont understand. What am i missing. How is Tab 2 any different than Tab?

    • EvanK

      It ships with ICS, so you don’t have to go though that difficult, terrible pain of having to touch the “update” button on your original tab 10.1.

  • Jason

    No kidding. I’ve been waiting for a successor to the TPrime without the GPS and Wifi range issues. Hoping that something comes out of MWC that suits me.

  • Binku

    Beam is useless to most customers in reality. It’s good for “Some” businessmen. The Tablet seems too late for this time.

    What happened to you, Samsung? 😮

    • Sanjay

      They are just teasing man, wait until their own hosted event. that will probably shake up the tech world.

  • Sean

    So the tab 2 actually has worse specs then the first tab … seriously Samsung just get the note 10.1 out

  • gjac0m

    Galaxy Tab 2 is s**t. Same specs than the first one but with Android 4.0.

  • Alex Perrier

    Samsung officially announces bedtime…

    … just teasing, although it is getting late. i am hoping to see Gingerbread stop being used on new phones, at least before back-to-school this year. Gotta say the projector is neat! They keep cramming new features in phones and you wonder how well it works. This is certainly a good few baby steps, however.

    Innovations like these put Android ahead of Apple, Microsoft and RIM. The projector, i’d like to see it demoed. So there’s this, plus 3D phones, then PlayStation-ish phones, and also dual-screen phones… a lot of different choices out there. i say Syrup should do a quiz to find out what readers’ favourite feature is.

  • Alex

    Samsung really failed in here, useless new products

  • EvanK

    Must be targeted towards a cheaper end of the market, the show-stopper’s probably still coming.

  • neeksleep

    Actually, the projector seems like a pretty cool idea. I think it’d be rad to have this at night. Pass out to some movies that are playing on my cieling

  • EmperumanV

    I bet Apple will come up with something similar or say that they already have it and sue Samsung as they have because they’re threatened.

    • Ashlkee

      @EmperumanV can you grow up and not mention apple in a samsung article, please?

      I hope you wake up tomorrow and get sued by the mobilesyrup community for starting flamewars.

    • Dimitri k.

      Are you retarded? LOL how can mobilesyrup or anyone sue him? Apple started the war that Samsung took the design from Apple so thus they are the ones at fault. Hell i give it a month until Apple starts taking them to court for this again. I guess you love Apple to much eh?

  • gourav

    whats the price for the latest samsung galaxy beam…???
    it’s look awsome…..relly good….!! 🙂

  • Les Blumhagen

    The big question in my mind is how long the bulb will last in the projector. Your standard desktop projectors have a limited life, and need to be replaced periodically. Can this be done with the Beam? The other issue is heat. How hot would this make the phone?

    • Alex Perrier

      It may be bulbless, or, like the EyeClops Mini Projector, the bulb can’t be changed.

      For those who don’t know what EyeClops is, it’s a kids’ projector good for nothing more than N64 or PS1 games. The resolution is 320×240 so it’s not even good for watching a DVD.

      So the fact that Samsung Galaxy Beam can do HD, even just 720p, so far impresses me. i’d like to see it in action, however.

    • Malevolent

      The bulb as a life of 2 years continuous use. That should be more than enough. By the time the bulb dies, the phone will be quite outdated with the user most likely moving on to a new phone anyways. Bulb life looks like a non-issue to me.

  • Paul

    If you could use the beam with powerpoint presentatiosn I could see where it could come in handy, but Les does have a good question about the bulb.

  • paul

    I was expecting more from the Tab 2.

  • Dimitri k.

    Apple would never put features like that into their phones. Why? because its Apple. Samsung & the rest might put them in & make money from them as well. Those features would look great if the companies can some how add them in.

  • Michael Mak

    Everybody here is mistaken. I took this info from the comments of engadget. This galaxy tab 2 10.1 is NOT the successor to the galaxy tab 10.1.

    Samsung chose a terrible naming convention so I’ll try to break it down for everybody.

    There was originally a “samsung galaxy tab” and a “samsung galaxy tab 10.1”. The Samsung galaxy tab 2 comes in 7inch and 10.1 inch variants (this is the one displayed here in the post).

    The true successor to the galaxy tab 10.1 is actually galaxy tab 10.1 2.

    I hope that clears it up. the 10.1 in this model is the screen size, but NOT part of the name as the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 was. Clear?

    Samsung galaxy tab -> samsung galaxy tab 2 7inch and samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1inch (which is this model)

    People are confused and thinking this is “samsung galaxy tab 10.1” -> “samsung galaxty tab 10.1 2”. WHICH IT ISNT!

  • Faber

    Cmon sammy, lets see a holographic keyboard with infrared touch input like in the mozilla seabird concept!