Huawei teases 4 pictures of the upcoming Ascend D1 Q, possibly quad-core Android

Huawei recently teased that they plan on showing the world their “smartest, fastest and most high-performing smartphone yet” on Sunday. Huawei has been known for releasing low-end, entry level devices with entry level specs. Not much news has surfaced about this device, that’s probably why the company took it upon themselves to reveal some pics of the upcoming “Ascend D1 Q”. First, it’s rumoured that this will be a quad-core Android, hence the “Q” in the name. Other than that the device looks like it’ll be a massive step up for them – from the pics they highlight the internals, probably to pinpoint a long battery life. Plus Huawei shows off an angle of the camera (front-facing and a bit of the rear). Finally, the Ascend D1 Q is going to be an all-touchscreen device. The officially announcement will be happening on February 26th and you can check out all the pics below

Source: Unwired View