Xperia SmartTags app now available to download from the Android Market


  • Sean

    A a quick “NFC tag” search brought me to 15 tags for $15…

  • anonymous

    Yeah not advertising, but I’ve seen tags for a lot cheaper. And there’s already an NFC tag writing app.

    Sony is pulling an apple, simply redoing something that’s new’ish so the masses can use it, for a premium of course.

    • Hardened

      Sony is not re-inventing nor doing anything that was already done. Their app is not an NFC writing app its something to enable NFC in the real world use; plain & simple. Think of Motorola’s Smart Actions on the Droid RAZR being done with hardware with a simple & quick contact. This works well when still out of cellphone/wlan range when entering a building (say like the office elevator ) when your Motorola Smart Actions will NOT work until you’re in range and by then it maybe too late when you walk into a board meeting just as it begins and BOOM you get that call with that LOUD ringtone of Ludicris pumping “it’s Saturday … sticky icky icky, Hooo Ooooooh!” . yeah not something you want your manager, CEO, CFO, and VP of HR hearing.

  • OhSnap!

    I put one on my genitals. It switches my phone to vibrate.

    Awwwwww Yeeeaaaahhhh!