Beware: Apple is not looking for iPhone 5 testers, it’s text message spam


  • Me Ted

    So Apple is looking for iPhone 5 testers. Got it. Thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Ali

    “Sorry, I got a Galaxy Nexus.”

    What an epic reply 😀

  • Sanjay

    lmao yeah you have the galaxy nexus 🙂

  • Superfly

    Galaxy s2 white……sorry!

  • MrMarvelous

    Love the reply. Would say the same. Love the source. “Google Plus”

  • Rio

    How do I get a text for testing?

  • Dave

    Oh no! Next you’re going to tell me that the Nigerian prince isn’t going to send me $10,000,000.

  • Wes

    Who falls for this stuff??

    • HO

      …mApple fans!!!

  • Zia

    Disappointed over OTA for my nexus s and strange silence from google, I will own the iphone 5. No need to wait for updates and becoming a master on how to root phones.

  • shaggyskunk

    Come on, don’t begrudge iPeople some excitement in their iLives.

  • Mike

    If you believe it you deserve to have your phone freeze up on you.

  • Zia

    Google if you don’t want to communicate with me, I don’t want your products. Still understand that updated to nexus s will take time but what is stopping you to tell people who bought your products that what’s going on.

  • Larry

    I checked out the Samsung Note at the Source lastnight rep let me play with it for over half an hour.I am seriously thinking of switching from iPhone4s.What do you guys reckmend?

    • Mike

      A dictionary?

  • T1MB1T

    I got that message and signed up! It came from WIND directly!
    So not need to worry since we will have the iphone 5 confirmed by Tony some weeks back! We have the most mega hurts and the best network!!! WIND!!!

  • DblBigMac

    EPIC reply.

    “Sorry, I got a Galaxy Nexus.” LMAO WIN

  • Faber

    Actually, these messages are from apple, but they only send them to android phones. The idea is to make u think android is buggy when its really not… Its a conspiracy man!

  • Apple4Life

    I had the nexus s, got sick and tired of google holding back ics even when I had a “pure google” device. Installed cm9 on it, it was fast and smooth but extremely bad battery life…

    Now i have a iPhone 4s that is at least 2x the speed of a tegra 3 in the gpu department, and it actually gets used :). Don’t believe me, check anandtech.


    • ToniCipriani

      I didn’t need that FBI background check to know the Steve Jobs reality distortion field was in full effect. Just look at these lunatics.

  • joe

    “sorry, i dont want to downgrade”