Tweetbot for iPad released, iPhone version hits 2.0

Easily the best Twitter client for the iPhone has hit another milestone. Tweetbot, developed by the good folks at Tapbots, has released an iPad version, while its iPhone app has been updated to 2.0 with some significant improvements to the featureset.

The iPad version brings many of the same gesture-based usability from its smaller equivalent, and expands on many features such as user- and hashtag-muting that users have wanted from the official Twitter for iPad app. Like the iPhone version it supports native push notifications, and the side navigation bar can be edited to ensure there are no extraneous tabs.

As for the iPhone version, you can now click on links without having to press a tweet first, as well as see thumbnail versions of images in-line, which could mean the difference between choosing to enlarge or not. And, not only are users themselves tappable inside a tweet but you can click on the name of the person retweeting a post, something long-time users will be very happy about.

The DM and Replies tabs have been overhauled to be more conversational, and overall scrolling performance has been significantly improved.

Check out Tweetbot 2.0 for $2.99 in the App Store (it’s a free upgrade for existing users), and buy Tweetbot for iPad for $2.99 as well.
Source: Tapbots blog (2)