Image of the LG “Miracle” surfaces online (Windows Phone)


  • PhoneScience

    So it’s a square Optimus 7 with a tiny bit more screen space?

    • bob

      it has a second-gen Snapdragon SoC which means it has a better GPU. But it’s still old tech.

      There is no real difference between this and other second-gen WP7 phones. They are pretty much all the same.

  • hobo_life_engadget

    Miracle LG is making WP7 phones..

    I’d dump my a55 on this crap

  • Jimbo

    I’m surprised it only has a 1ghz processer? I thought that windows was making all the manufacters keep the minumin specs to 1.4ghz. Even the cheap lumia 710 has that. Not sure what price point this would have to be to make it sell?

    It doesn’t make much since to launch something that is so far behind the curve.

  • Alex Perrier

    Not a fan of LG, but software upgrades seem to be more seamless with Windows Phone 7.

    i’m also in favour of LG keeping the “Optimus” name for Android phones only, and using a different name for its Windows Phone 7 devices. Samsung is doing this with Galaxy and Focus, respectively.

    The specs are close to the HTC Radar, except that the screen is 0.2 inches bigger with the Miracle. If an AWS version is released, then maybe, just maybe, i’ll consider it. Otherwise, no thanks.

  • andy c

    if the specs are legit does this mean we will see NFC enabled WP7 handsets at MWC?

  • Jesse

    So, just another copy of the same phone we can get for little to nothing off of third-party vendors? Pass.

  • Alex

    I guess when my LG 160 breaks, this would be a decent starter smartphone to try out.

  • swizzlerz

    i like my original optimus 7 over the surround i had befor. but come one why drop the hd space down to 8 from 16 gb.. maybe cause most people dont use a whole lot of data on there phones so far?? or is it cause there only starting to learn about zune music pass and its streaming abilities? I would have liked to see a 16gb microsd card inside the phone.. 🙁 no upgrade for me if telus gets this one.