Video: Public Mobile comes out with 3 commercials that target “Rebelus Wireless” and “Roam Rage”


  • L

    Yep, I still don’t get why roaming charges are so high here…

    • SAM

      The breakdown for (Rebelus) Wireless / Re- Rogers, bel- Bell and us -Telus

  • LeafsFan77

    Ian, You might want to change the title and article from “Rebelus” to the correct name of “Robelus”.

  • shaggyskunk


    Because they think that they can. Telecoms believe that if they say it’s true, it must be. Telecoms also want us to believe that the world is flat, but for an “administration fee ” they’ll be happy to make it into a sphere…. just for us.

  • Darknight2ca

    It was INTERESTING until they saw the WIDE SELECTION of phones that PM had for them to chose from

  • shaggyskunk

    Do people that buy from Public, roam?

  • Alex Perrier

    It’s crazy how Public Mobile gives almost ten minutes for the price Robelus charges for one! Even if you buy a roaming pack from, say, TELUS, you’d still pay $20/month plus your regular monthly fees JUST to get a lower 25¢/minute rate that’s not even close to Public’s.

    Texting with TELUS also isn’t worth it. They charge a flat $40/month for unlimited SMS, or you can buy $10 or $20 monthly passports that don’t even come close to Public’s rate. Unless you plan to send more than 266 messages, forget TELUS’ $40 “deal”. Even T-Mobile is cheaper and a much better value! $30/month on prepaid, 100 American minutes, unlimited text, unlimited 2G and 5 GB of 3G Internet speeds! What’s not to like!?

    i’m upset at companies like Mobilicity that charge for received texts. This shouldn’t be the case! Simply charge more for sening an SMS, but no charge for receiving. That’s what WIND and Public are doing. And it works, because roamers are leaving the Mobilicity ship for another value company that doesn’t have those fees!

    So the big conclusion here is that the “Roam Rage” stories can be true. i remember someone who was with Bell CDMA and who went to New York to message with their LG Rumour. When they returned home, a bill around $200 for a month was waiting for them! They apparently even made arrangements with Bell for roaming. i’m so happy that they can now go with a value provider and pay reasonable talk and text rates. 🙂 Public should expand to other metros, however.

    BTW, here are the official websites for “Roam Rage”:

  • hoo dat

    Amusing and they do prove a point. But PM’s local area is far too small right now and I for one would spend most of my time roaming outside of their local calling area. Give them time, I guess, but until the can handle at least 3G+ and have decent phones to back it up they’re not really a threat to anyone.

  • Dave Dee

    Those were classic, thanks MobileSyrup for posting! Wouldn’t it be nice to see the big 3 finally wake up and react to this, i.e. put an end to gouging on the roaming front? I highly doubt it, but a nice thought…

  • hahahehe

    Love it!

    Suck it Robelus!!!

  • wtv

    Roam rage? That’s what you would also get with PM terrible coverage.

  • Eluder

    The way I looked at their ads, though funny (well only one of them, the rest were bad), is that they were promoting only roaming, rather than using their network at home.
    This to me, makes it seem that what you should do is pickup a public mobile SIM only to roam in the US and that to me means forwarding my regular cell with the big 3 to the PM SIM while roaming. So I guess they have little confidence in their own network at home?

  • Gershon

    Couldn’t stop laughing, I haven’t laughed this much in years. I guess that this video demonstrates what a lot of people feel like in today’s extremely tense society. I am sure many people would have loved to do the same crazy steps in a myriad of other situations. Gee this could have been a great commercial for Prozacs don’t you think??

    CHUCKLE CHUCKLE, We need more humor like this (Royal Canadian Air Farce fans rejoice!!))

  • John

    These were funnier than most of the US commercials.

  • stiff

    Good Job love them , My friend has a distribution co and decided to go with Public for voice in November, he did not cancel his group lines with Telus, all 17 employees now carry two phones, 5 of his people travel thru Canada and sometimes U.S and that was the main reason for this change… I can see more and more people taking a cheap flip phone for Voice with Public (Old School 1995 style) and keep their BB, IPhone or Nexus for Data and save $30/$50/$100 per month

  • QueBall

    Well, Telus has fixed it so this ad campaign no longer applies to them.

    They have started to notify clients that the roaming rate is going up to $1.50/min.

    The future is expensive!

  • Rex Hamilton

    Hilarious! I liked the second one the best. Funny commercials are rare but funny AND educational commercials are even more rare.

  • Anony Mous

    The Margret one with the shopping cart was awesome! I watched that like 3 times and still snickering.

    As others have mentioned too, Public does not have that great of local coverage yet. For now though, if you have to roam, try Roam Mobility. Vancouver based company that just opened up – found out about them on here (MobileSyrup) actually. Their rates are super cheap for US roaming and you can use your current Robelus phone with their SIM card. Best of both worlds. And right now, there is a coupon code “goroam” that gives you their SIM card for free (you have to pay the S&H). Just ordered mine. Look forward to giving Robelus (Rogers for me) the finger next time I’m travelling in the US.

  • ant6n

    I talked to a public mobile rep the other day and he said they have 300-400K subscribers. Maybe you guys could just call them up and ask them?!

    The thing with public mobile is that if you are in their roaming area, you might actually be better of – you can pay 15$/month, and pay 15cent/minute to call anywhere in Canada and the US (if I understood them correctly).

    If you are in their home area, you cannot call a long distance Canadian number or a US number unless you get the Canadian long distance add-on (5$) and the US add-on (10$). So you’d have to pay an extra 15$ just to be able to call from within the home zone. That doesn’t make any sense.

    This is one problem with public mobile – the other is that if you want to get their smart phone, you have to pay a 100$, but the phone can only be used on their network. That’s basically a 1~2 year contract right there.

  • ant6n

    Public mobile say there are “no surprises”.
    But I think if you get on their network and try to call a canadian number, or a us number, or an overseas number, and it simply won’t conntect – that’ll suprise ya.

    • brotha uhuru

      Ur stupid

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Very funny ads! Well thought out and cleaver. And from wind we get.. Call-a-sutra

    did anyone manage to snag a job at winds new call center? HA! HAAAAA! closed before it opened!

  • skdjgasl

    @video title:
    *Margaret NOT Margret
    *Hillary NOT Hllary

    and the commercial’s are quite dull tbh. the “everybody talk” at the end if kind of freaky as well lool.

  • sam

    Just increase your zone & STFU

  • Brendan M.

    PROTIP: you get what you pay for.

    people should really really stop whining and thinking that these entrants are going to make a difference. as is already the case, as soon as they get big enough to matter (videotron, wind) they jack up the prices. if you can’t afford $50-$100/month for your phone, there are bigger problems afoot.

    • shoo

      you’re wrong. My Holiday miracle plan is for life.

  • crusher

    I thought these were hilarious. Not because Robelus charges so much, but because if you have Public Mobile and think you’ll get reception in the States, you’re crazier than the people in those commercials.

  • Charles

    Hi there.
    0.15/min ?? I use XXSIM for 3 months now.
    It’s FREE for incoming calls in the USA & Canada !

    The best Internationale SIM card I ever seen !

    Btw, those 3 videos are awesome, just perfect !

  • tania



    NICE !!! I love Public Mobile !!

  • Arianna

    couldnt stop laughing…the ads are hilarious! 😀