Video: Here’s how RIM tests the durability of your BlackBerry smartphone


  • SAM

    what ever they do….. they cant beat Samsung!!

    • Dimitri

      & what ever Samsung does, does not beat any company. There is no best company out there..

    • SAM

      I know, that is why RIM begging customers to buy their product

    • SAM

      Ohhh FYI, the best company now is Samsung then Nokia then apple this is what numbers says!! not me!

    • Ding Chavez

      Too bad they don’t test the software LOL

      RIP RIM

    • Chris

      I hope you’re not talking about in terms of durability… I use a Galaxy Nexus now that I love but I’m terrified I’m going to drop it knowing it would shatter into a million pieces. On the other hand, I dropped my old blackberry a dozen times, no problems.

    • Rio

      lol oh you make me laugh.

      What numbers are you looking at? There are numbers that can prove BB is first or even prove APple is first, numbers are easy to manipulate.

  • Dimitri

    This shows good things about BB. I threw my Bold 9900 in water at a party & yet it still works perfectly fine. No worries & no headaches.

    Wait until the Bashers come in & say how RIM is s**t & all.

    • SAM

      Why you threw your BB in the water??? just asking!!

    • Dimitri

      It was a pool party & when you are drunk you do not realize what you are doing when you have a phone in ur hand lol. So yea but it works perfectly fine since then.

  • Bob

    We have no proof that the phone he was testing is the same phone that was dropped in water.
    For all we know, that phone got effed up in the water.
    Don’t believe everything you see on TV. 🙂

  • Chris

    If RIM could convince consumers that having all that accessory rubber on an idevice or android isn’t cool, they could go alot further.

    BTW torch might flex like that but in the real-world it breaks at a drop of 10 feet (on granite) 🙂

  • Kid.Canada

    If only they used stainless steel on the Torch 2 as well, I wouldn’t have paint chips on my phone. Other than that a great phone!

  • WP74Life

    If it is not a wp7 handset, it’s crap.
    – Eli Manning

  • jorvay

    It’s nice to see BB continue to set the bar in terms of durabilty. It’d be nice if Apple did a little more work in this regard. I’m not sure if they are more interested in getting their users to buy replacements, or if they are just cutting costs, but the iphone durability just can’t hold a candle to most other smart phone options. It’s sad when you consider the popularity of it and the fact that it is otherwise a good phone.

  • Steve

    Put the Blackberry in your pocket and jump in a pool, then test it. Dropping it into a puddle for a second won’t ruin in.

  • Mike W

    I dropped my 8820 in a thunderstorm in a field for over 2 hours. It was on the whole time (face down).

    It was a PITA to find it (combed the field while it rang) but it worked for over a year after the incident until I upgraded.

    I have no doubt the water test is genuine.

  • SAM


  • Jeeverz

    These have to be the least useful videos I have seen in awhile. Lol

  • Fury

    Maybe they should test out the keyboards and track pad. The damned track pad does so often. I’ve sent dozens of the thigns in for repairs over the last few months. Trackpad and keyboards wearing out.

  • Non

    Lets show customers industry standard tests and claim this is a uniqe way of testing our phones lol

  • Yan

    That is all cool but the question is… WILL IT BLEND ? hahaha

  • Betty Koyle

    rim is going bankrupt

  • Mark

    Well…. I didn’t get any additional info from these incomplete video’s on a BB’s durability. Show us the after affects and wipe off the BB after it was doused in yellow water, then start it up and I will be more impressed. Other than that, “MOVE ALONG, MOVE ALONG, THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!”

  • ron

    I was drunk texting my ex gf on the toilet with my BlackBerry Bold 9780 and the device fell in the (dirty) water. After cleaning and drying it out it still worked. Can’t say much about my gf’s Samsung Galaxy, it fell in a puddle not too long ago and the thing is totally dead.


    It is COMPLETELY ridiculous to see a smartphone in 2012 that doesnt have a touchscreen ( aka Curve).

    poor rim. They’ll never understand.

  • Lemmy

    My Blackberry Storm has been dropped so many times and sat on more than once and it is still chugging along for almost 3 years.
    I had a Qualcomm 2760 and ran over it with my van and still worked with the cracked screen.

  • Me

    Non says “Lets show customers industry standard tests and claim this is a uniqe way of testing our phones lol”

    Where did they say this was unique?????? Oh, thats right, they didn’t. They just showed how they test them. Another apple fanboy ripping on anything RIM does. Loser.


    I have a company provided 3-month old Torch 9860. It jumped out from my shirt’s chest pocket. It now has a dent on the “chrome” part near the Lock button. And also the Back button is not working anymore. I’m not Impressed by your durability test CRAPBERRY! Old school IT leads in every company – STOP FORCING US TO USE CRAPPY BERRY!!

  • apelles

    RIM is indeed tougher, I broke a Samsung in a store unintentionally 5trying to pick it up and turn it on (the button went) after the salesman sang about all is bells and whistles, he nervously said display models are more vulnerable but that Samsung has a good warranty. I didn’t want to buy a phone that felt like it was made of Styrofoam , even if it had the latest technology. Maybe a Styrofoam build i s the latest technology -instant obsolescence.

  • PhoneExpert

    The problem is the software not the hardware.

  • Sherry Nash

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