Upcoming Rogers Nokia Lumia 710 complete crazy pricing, $254.99 outright


  • david

    Simply amazing price… now if only we can get it to Wind/Mobilicity

    • Mark

      Just buy and unlock it. It looks like it’ll have AWS band for Wind/Mobi

    • CADDMan

      I’m waiting for the 900 to come out. It’s being reported today (it’s on the Internet, so it must be true) that AT&T will release the Nokia Lumia 900 on March 18th for $99 on a 2 year contract. If it’s available on the AT&T network, it’ll work on the Bell, Telus, & Rogers networks (the only ones that really matter). Don’t know of it’s availability in Canada though, but I can’t imagine it taking long.

  • xavier

    This is a really nice price. Here’s to hoping we’re as pleasantly surprised with the 800!

  • Blaise

    Amazing price makes me want to switch for Rogers…or wait to see the price for the lumia 800. Nice to see windows phone 7.5 on low cost mobile device, finally. The y will probably gain some market share with that and go as high as 3 or 4 %.

  • Jesse

    Holy! Now I have my expectations set high for the 800’s price…

  • WOW


  • JB

    Wow. $250 outright makes this the best bang for your buck in Canada. Period.

    Compared to the HORRIBLE androids at this price, this is a no brainer.

    I think my GF is getting a new phone…

    • Targon

      Wouldn’t a Nexus S open box for 260 be an even better bang for your buck?

    • daveloft

      Samsung Galaxy W
      $250 outright from Bell, $0 on 3 year contract

      – Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon 1.4 GHz Scorpion CPU
      – Adreno 205 GPU
      – 480 x 800 pixels, 3.7 inch display
      – 512 MB RAM, 2 GB ROM, microSD card slot

    • daveloft

      Nexus S is $200 refurbished from Koodo

  • Nadim

    Will this have AWS bands?

  • kudostosyrup

    The samsung ACE has 3.5″@320*280 with Battery of 1350mAh for $200 its a decent phone but the battery barely lasts a day with medium use and modded ROM.

    The Lumia 710 @ $254 tops the Ace in RAM, CPU and Video at 720p BUT it has a 1300 mAh battery AND a bigger and better screen at 3.7″@ 400*800. This kills the deal and the Battery life of the phone!
    Check the reviews that claim a good phone with horrible battery life.
    Why didn’t they just put a 1500mAh battery? that size its the minimum this days.
    The Lumia shoud be $199!

    • gwydionjhr

      I’ve read the reviews, and I have never seen the 710 referenced as having “horrible battery life”. Windows Phone is WAY more efficient with power than Android.

      The only thing this phone is missing is Internet Sharing (which virtually all of the other WP’s have). Hurry up and update this feature Nokia and I’m on board!

    • bob

      I just checked the reviews on anandtech and yes, the battery life isn’t good at all. More powerful Androids have better battery life.

    • TheCyberKnight

      The Internet Sharing availability is determined by the carrier, not the OEM. Windows Phone Mango does allow it but it is blocked by most carriers.

      Blame Rogers, no one else.

    • bob


      Doesn’t T-Mobile also blocks Wifi hotspot mode on their 710?

      Also both Rogers and T-Mobile allow hotspot on Androids and iPhones.

      Seems a Nokia decision.

  • deltatux

    Pro: Great price
    Con: It’s still a Windows Phone device … no thanks, I’ll stick to Android.

    Microsoft has a great start, but still has a long way to go before it can match Android. Plus, Windows Phone feels very closed like iOS which personally is a huge issue.

  • Entegy

    Wow, good pricing, especially considering the Focus is still five hundred freaking dollars off contract at Rogers.

  • Question

    I believe this has AWS bands so you can use it on Wind/Moblicity this is an amazing price

  • sp

    holy crap….is that the price????? wow…..

  • Marco

    The partnership between Microsoft and Nokia is getting really strong and I bet we will see many Windows Mobile devices rolling around with such deals. For someone taking a voice plan with a smartphone, this is definitively the phone to go with IMO.

    Can’t wait to see in 2-3 years the market share of Windows Mobile. I’d place a buck on a bigger market share than iOS.

  • bob

    What so special about this price? It’s a low end device and that what it is worth.

    The Galaxy W, a comparable device, is $250 too with Bell, but is free on 3 year. And the Nexus S, which is a bit better is $350 at Koodo.

    • nomore3yrcons

      Galaxy W from Bell is $250 too but has:
      Better Battery (1500mAh), More RAM, BT3.0 its Lighter AND has a huge upgrade community via XDA, plus its getting Android 4.

      Its a mid-low end phone for 2012 specs with a 2010 Battery. Even if the phone its great the battery kills the phone.

      The 710 price its just simply not competitive enough. Wait for the Canadian-real life reviews of battery life

  • Some Guy

    I want this.

    I want this even more if it’s on Fido (Fido Dollars.)

  • briggs

    *looks at upcoming paycheques*
    *quick mental math*

    worth it. Hello windows device in 6 weeks.

  • Bearz

    Anyone who gets the phone on a 3year com is an i***t. Why not get a $700 handset for the same price, maybe cheaper with FS or BB.

    • Geoff

      Yeah, you’re right. Well, not an i***t. Perhaps just not cell phone savvy. Even if you wanted the phone AND you wanted a 3-year plan, it would make more sense to buy a Galaxy Nexus on a plan and this phone for the full price, and then sell the Nexus on Kijiji or something. You’d pay $350 and get at least $500 for the Nexus.

    • daveloft

      The people who tend to buy a low end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy W or the Nokia Lumia 710 are the ones who used to buy the $0 dumbphones.

      Phones like this are popular because they don’t requre a $50 minimum voice and data plan and can be activated with just the voice plan.

  • Sam P

    How can I buy this off Rogers and use on Bells networks? What’s the unlocking process?

    • Guillaume B

      You can get an unlock code from Mobileincanada (just google them) for 20$. Follow the instructions and you’ll be unlocked in a few hours (it’s super easy). I used them to unlock phones a couple of times and they’ve never ripped me off.

  • astudent

    my dream came through!!! 😀 $250 outright, I am in

  • Mr. Reliable

    The reason the price point is so insane is that the VERY SAME DEVICE from T-Mobile (so, yes, AWS compatible) is sold for 50$ on contract or 370$!!!! off contract.

    Either Rogers got a better deal, or T-Mo is gouging their customers.

    • bob

      T-Mo is gouging there is no doubt about it. $370 for this phone!!!

  • PhoneScience


    The Galaxy W at bell is a neutered version with a 3.2 Mp camera and 1.0 Ghz core, and the Nexus, while an amazing phone, is still glorified used nonetheless.

    The Nokia 710 is, no matter how you look at it, an amazing phone for that price. Please just enjoy it for that.

  • mark

    Perhaps the first Windows phone for Fido?

  • Mason

    some users are reporting dropped calls on gsmarena too. & according to the specs there’s no card slot so you’re stuck with the 8GB internal. maybe that’s why its $255.

  • mike

    It is a great price until you get the blue screen of death

    • gwydionjhr

      A) It’s a $254 phone! It’s intended for entry level, not power users.
      B) You also get 25GB on Skydrive.

    • EvanK

      WP7 is quite stable, I can’t see it getting the BSOD. Perhpas Windows 8 could as it’s based off MS’s standard Windows Kernel, but this is completely different. Try WP7, it’s great!

  • Ryan

    I’ve been tempted to grab a Windows Phone without a plan and start developing for the platform. This could be a good way to do that.

  • EmperumanV

    I think this might be my first ever Windows Phone 7/Mango based smartphone to have, but it depends on the pricing of the 800.

    I wonder if the 900 is Canada bound.

  • Talnoy

    I emailed Nokia and they confirmed the 800 at least will support AWS. Hello new.phone soon. If this is the aggressive pricing we can expect, I’m switching up SOON.

  • Andy c

    Free. Legit. Offline navigation.

    Bgr is reporting the 900 will go for 99 on a 2 year with AT&T

  • JDRipper

    K so the Galaxy W has more ram because it NEEDS it, has a bigger battery because its less efficient with power and just wait until it gets ICS and see how choppy and slow it gets. WP7 runs buttery smooth without the need of more ram and less dependent on hardware specs for a better user experience. The battery may seem weak to those who are used to Android but Mango doesn’t need a bigger battery to last just as long if not longer than the Galaxy W. So yes do your homework and realise that this is a huge deal.

  • Dee

    Could somebody please confirm that GPS Navigation is FREE since Nokia owns Navteq? Thanks.

  • Dee

    @Andy c: Thanks, so it is true.. offline, free, GPS navigation. This is great.

  • Plazmic

    I would buy this in a heartbeat if it’s not locked to Rogers.

  • rick piont

    high end wp7 cpu phones are running on 1.4Ghg core. this nokia lumia 710 has 1.4gh and 512 ram, it’s low end phone with high end cpu is good. Don’t compare this phone to android 1.Ghg cpu, compare with dual core cpu and 1Ghg ram phones

  • Matches Malone

    if you haven’t experienced WP7 Mango experience you don’t have an excuse now because this is a real cheap price to buy this phone outright, and If you don’t like the phone you can always resell it on Ebay for same price because this phone costs more in the US

  • swizzlerz

    all i can say is awsome… get ZUNE MUSIC PASS if you get a windows phone. this makes for a great mp3 player phone with 14million songs to listen to stream play download to your pc xbox and windows phone… a must if you get a windows phone i love it and use it daily!!!!
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  • Colin

    I hope its sold in more than just black, cause that would be lame, I would like to get this as a secondary fun device, but I’d want a phone with some colour then, not just a black slate.

  • Amar

    That’s actually an amazing price for the specs and a new release. Since theres the Samsung Galaxy W with the same specs, it all depends on preference. The great thing is this should get more people to Android and Windows Phone. Better competition for sure!

  • snowblossom

    Yeah, that’s quite unfortunate. I was considering getting one until I checked GSMArena for their audio analysis because I remember seeing a review there. Nearly 5 dBs of difference between the highs and the lows. How is it even possible to design the headphone output to be so poor in 2012? It really seems like an excellent device for the price as long as you don’t plan on using it as a music player very much.

  • hw

    All of you saying that people are i****s for considering getting the phone on a three year contract are not realizing there is no promo price for this device yet. When the promo pricing comes out it will probably be 20-0 dollars. You’ll see.

    Plus, Roger’s new cancellation fee would mean you’d pay like 300 dollars to cancel the account now, as opposed to 500. (I’m talking if you cancel immediately)

  • glonq

    No tethering? No thanks.

  • shoo

    For all those who want to unlock and use on WINDLICITY be warned, it only takes microsim.

  • EvanK

    See, this is why I love WP7. MS standardizes hardware for the platform, so that they can optimize the software like Apple would do for an iPhone to make it buttery smooth, but because all the phones use the same chipset, RAM, etc, you get a good choice of devices that all are smooth and don’t get fragmented (unlike Android, not that Android’s bad, but different strokes for different folks).

    Plus, because they optimize the software for relatively cheap hardware that would be extremely laggy on other platforms, they can keep the price down low and you get deals like this. Keep ’em coming, let’s see these kind of prices for the 800!

  • saffant

    If this is a great deal then what’s my LG Optimus Quantum with 1GHz Scorpion, 5MP, 720P, 16GB for $80?

  • Guillaume B

    Great price, but I’d have a problem getting a device with only 8gb of internal space and no microsd expansion (which at least the Focus had). The rest of the specs is good though.

    I’m a bit disappointed that Rogers hasn’t picked up a high-end WP7 device…

  • Asad

    @Dee: Yes turn-by-turn Voice guided Navigation by Nokia is the best and is totally free. You can use that offline and can download maps for many countries. Actually if you learn all the useful features it offers, you will definitely forget about dedicated navigation device (I will not need my tomtom any more for sure 🙂

  • Gagan

    lol I gave my phone to a friend who owns an iPhone 4S and asked him to test it out. Then, I handed the phone to a friend who owns Nexus S with Andriod. They boht said great phone, very responsive, has got all the apps they have on their phones and very suprised this windows phone is as good their phones. Then I asked them, how much did you each pay for your phones. They replied $500..$700. They asked me how much I paid. I said $250 and their jaws dropped.

  • Isimp

    yes all nokia phones come with nokia drive included as a free app. just picked one of these up today, ws hard to find as many rogers retails stores are sold out in western canada. nice phone for the price.

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