Galaxy Nexus accessories pop up in Fido’s inventory


  • Beso

    whats that item that costs $1000 dollars?!

    • Spot The Loon

      The $1000 fee is to end your contract early. 😉

  • Sean

    That’s $50 less off contract =D

  • Alex Perrier

    The problem is that Fido has roughly the same three-year contracts as the Big 3, and that plans like CityFido or Canada-Wide are either tricky or impossible to get with the three-year contracts.

    i’m happy Fido has a couple Androids for two-years only. It’s too bad that they’re cheap, prepaid-friendly budget Androids. :S

  • EmperumanV

    Got my extended battery + cover + USB battery charger in the mail yesterday 🙂

    Next would be an SGP Neo hybrid case 🙂

  • Roger

    I have a Sena UltraSlim case and a Genuine Samsung Galaxy Nexus on order. Hopefully they arrive this week!

    Undecided about what screen protector to get, but I have a cheap temp one for now.

  • T1MB1T

    why is fido getting this! WIND has yet to receive one. Tony is using a Virgin one so he can test to see if it is suitable for our network! soon we will have at and you all will be begging!

    any questions ask me! I know it all for wind!

  • HS

    Fido will have it for sure on Fri Jan 13. I have called their customer relation department yesterday and talked to an agent for more than 30 minutes to get myself a deal on the plan.

    She confirmed that the phone will be out on Friday, and its 160 for a 3 year contract. During the 3 year contract time, you will need to maintain a at least $50 voice+data plan (any combination, $35 city fido + $30 6GB works, excl any add-on).

    • Me

      When I called fido they told me the 10th. 160 on a 3 year, 600 outright. Since I’m currently not in a contract and on the company retention plan, I was able to get them to let me keep my plan when I get this phone tomorrow. Retention plan + fido dollars + 3 year contract and I’m payin 47/mo and 20$ for the phone.